Be my MJ hero!

  1. Hi guys, I'm supposed to be on a PF hiatus due to dissertation work, but since I'm on Thanksgiving break I've decided to take a short little break from my PF ban! Plus I have a pressing purse issue that I was hoping someone could help me out with...

    About a month ago I bought a beautiful Marc Jacobs Large Quilted Patent Bowler in Chalk and it's become my favorite bag, period. I love everything about it. The only thing I worry about is its color - it really isn't designed to be an everyday bag I don't think, I'm just using it so much because I adore it. I'd like to find another bowler (regular rather than large size this time) that I could use as an everyday bag. I'm looking for a dark color, I'm leaning towards black at this point. I've checked on eBay but I honestly can't tell the real from the fake. I'd be happy to go the retail route too, but would rather not pay retail price, so if anyone hears of one on sale, would you let me know? Or PM me if you run into one on eBay that looks authentic (I'll post questionable threads to the MJ authentication forum too)? I don't want you to go out of your way to find me one, but if you stumble upon one in your searches, please keep me in mind :shame: You'd be my MJ hero(ine)!!

    Please PM me if you find one as I will only be rarely visiting tPF, but the PMs come to my email box. Thank you!!
  2. I heard that MJ is going to be on sale in December at Nordies, but I don't know what and for how much.
  3. Nordstrom call for Rose 801 322-4200 has the bowler in a gorgeous muted harvest gold...don't know the actual color. It is going for 40% off. maggie
  4. oooh, thanks so much! I'm assuming Nordie's will ship? Can you tell me what time zone you're in?
  5. ^judging from the area code, that's the salt lake city store, so they're on moutain standard time :smile:
  6. Saw one (retail) in patent black- just PM'd you. :smile: