Be my BBAG fashion consultant: Help me choose!!!


Aquamarine work or weekender or Vert D'eau city or first?

  1. Vert D'eau first

  2. Vert D'eau city

  3. Aquamarine work

  4. Aquamarine weekender

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Help me decide my next bbag please! :nuts: To be purchased once I sell off more unused purses... :graucho:

    Here are the colors I currently have: bordeaux 05, marine, marron 06, rouge vif, sky blue 05, origan, vermillion (on its way).

    In accessories: magenta, pale pink.

    I have 2 cities, 2 works, 1 weekender, 1 twiggy, 1 box, 1 PT, 1 matelasse.

    I am trying to choose one amongst the following: aquamarine work or weekender, or vert d'eau city or first.

    (I should make this into a game of matching: Match the correct color with the correct style!)
  2. I voted for aquamarine work because I love the work style, and think the aquamarine color is a great addition to your collection.
  3. ^actually, that is the one I am leaning towards at the moment... I think the work looks fab in these brighter colors!
  4. the aquamarine work would be an amazing addition to your bbag family!
  5. Since you don't have First yet...I vote for First in Vert d'eau
  6. ^^^ITA, you need a First in your collection!
  7. I love aqua and think it would look stunning i a work.
  8. I vote for aquamarine in either the work or weekender... I think it looks fabulous in the work size especially if you're potentially considering GH. Although - the aqua weekender is the one you've listed in your signature so it makes me think that my be your first love?

    The vert d'eau is gorgeous, but perhaps since you already have a lighter pastel-ish colour in the sky blue, the aquamarine would round out your collection more than the vert d'eau?

    Plus looking at what you have - it looks like you like your big bags so you may find the first is just too small for what you're used to?
  9. I voted Vert D'eau first because you don't have a first.
  10. i voted Vert D'eau first because you don't have a first. you already have a blue so i wouldn't choose aquamarine.
  11. Aqua Work...........the color looks gorgeous and the Work suits that color really well.
  12. I voted Aquamarine Work! :yes:
  13. Yes, Jadecee, you're so right that I LOVE big bags...the work is the perfect size for me (perhaps my fave style)...but I also do love the city style equally. I have one weekender but it is an older 05 bag and would love to own a fresh brand new one!

    It's true that I do want to add a first someday to my collection...but was kind of holding out for a black first in the future...but the black first is available every season. I love vert d'eau and also how it looks in the city style, but I am afraid to get it in anything too big since it is such a light color... so if I got one, it would most likely be a first or a toilet (the small size).
  14. Aquamarine work!
  15. cracker--if an aquamarine work looked anything like ur teal work, I'd get it in a heartbeat! :yes: