BE Mustard and Apple Green (Matte) Leather Photos

  1. For anyone interested in the mustard leather (pebbled with sheen) and matte green apple leathers, I just received the samples from Ashley. Here are the photos, as promised:

    Both leathers with flash:

    Both leathers without flash:

    Close-up (with flash) of Mustard:

    Close-up (with flash) of matte apple green:

    If I were to give my opinion of most accurate representation, I would say that the matte apple green in the "both leathers with flash" photo is the best example of that, and the "Close-up (with flash) of the Mustard" is the best example of the mustard.

    They really are different leathers in my book. The matte leather is slightly thinner, and while beautiful, definitely slightly flat looking. The mustard has a very pretty sheen, almost golden, and the pebbled finish is apparent, but they are not huge crevices or large "pebbles" (which is what I was afraid of).

    This being said, what I was looking for was the sheen of the mustard, the green apple color, but all without the pebbled effect. So I think I'm sticking to my original plan of glossy green apple leather.:p

    If anyone would like the leather samples sent to them before I send them back to Jackie, please PM me. If I don't hear from anyone in 72 hours, I'm popping it back in the mail to the UK!

    Thanks, gals!
  2. I must be alone here, but I love the texture of the mustard. Pebbled leather is not usually my favorite because it tends to be stiff and not very soft, but when it is soft and drapey, then I adore it! Plus, they do tend to wear better since they don't scratch as easily.
  3. I don't think you are in the minority, circoit...according to Jackie there were a *number* of women who ordered the mustard, steam, and light grey (all with the pebbled finish). It is beautiful....and I think that in the future, I may break down and get a mustard as well.
  4. The apple green looks dull and not what I expected. I agree that the glossy leather would be better.
  5. I feel that my shot of the matte green was pretty unfair to it - it is very pretty, but doesn't have the pow! of the pebbled mustard. I think Jackie's photos of the apple green on her site (the angel purse and the hold me) are probably a lot better. The matte apple doesn't photograph well in some cases (museten's photo isn't as flattering to me, for example)....
  6. I agree, I LOVE the pebbled mustard leather. Like on the IM on the website, it looks AMAZING!

    Props to you Audball, I think you are my hero for all of this great BE talk!
  7. yeah, I'm a persistent little bugger, aren't I LOL! ;)
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^ And I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say....WE LOVE YA FOR IT!
  9. Yum! Both leathers look luscious, although if I were to get an LMM, I wouldn't get it in either color now that I see it. I'd get a soft, unstructured bag, like the Hold Me, in either of the colors. But that's just me, and that's how I feel right now.

    However, I reserve the right to change my mind. :queen:
  10. bumping :smile:
  11. Wow, didn't think i'd like mustard but its very gorgeous
  12. daphodill, the mustard is very, very pretty! It's hard to visualize it from my camera, but the sheen on the mustard makes is a golden color with beautiful glow. My only hesitation about it had to do with the pebbling...I'm typically not into pebbled leathers but I would make an exception in this case - it really has character....It's just that I can only afford one of Jackie's bags at a time and the apple green is more for me LOL! I do see the mustard in my future in something...maybe an Angel Purse (which technically doesn't count toward my annual purse quota, now does it? :p)