BE messenger strap questions

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have been looking at all of the various pix and noticed that some of the messenger straps are adjustable. Also, the hardware loops that attach the strap to the bags are different. I received a TME and it has the non-adjustable strap and there is a ring to attach the strap to the bag. Does the strap vary depending on the bag or is it just a matter of new style vs. old style??

  2. The adjustable straps are made quite recently -so it's a new design. Should you want one of these you can order them seperately from the BE site. The new bags will have this new messenger strap type.
  3. Thanks Bonnie!!!!
  4. I highly recommend the new messenger strap. It's adjustability allows you to make an on-the-shoulder strap out of it as well as a crossbody strap. It's also thicker and, in my opinion, more comfortable.

    Hope that helps.:smile:
  5. I'm going to get one for my older wtm midi. I have a newer wtm midi with the new strap and I can attest that it does make a huge diffference.
  6. I just purchased a Pewter WTM Midi and am dying to see my first BE! I am just wondering if it comes with a shoulder strap + messenger strap? Are they separate straps or just one adjustable one?

    TIA!! :heart:
  7. C4H-

    Your WTM midi will probably come with the old style messenger strap, which is not adjustable. You can order the new messenger straps on the BE website and they are adjustable to be a shorter, shoulder strap or a longer crossbody/messenger strap.

    I just bought 2 for my hug me's-the original strap is fine, but since I am so short I am thinking the new adjustable ones will help me to make sure my bag sits where I want it to when worn messenger style.
  8. You might want to contact Rose and ask her. I am waiting for a pewter WTM and she told me that it comes with the regular handles that are attached to the bag, a shoulder strap AND a messenger strap!!!!
  9. Thanks so much for the info, Susan and Vixn!! :heart::heart:
  10. So it's safe to assume that the current bespoke LM's goign on (pewter, black crash, etc.) will have the adjustable shoulder strap?