BE Love Me Mini Purple-Modeling Pics

  1. Hi fellow BE addicts! Someone was asking for modeling pics of the LMM. This bag is the perfect size.
    maddy & BE 005.JPG maddy & BE 006.JPG
  2. I have the same bag and I just LOVE that purple!! Looks awesome on you :smile:
  3. Great color! It really pops!
  4. This is the perfect size! I like it! Great modeling shots.
  5. Thanks kings_20. We are going to be hot this summer!!
  6. That bag is so hot and it looks fab on you!
  7. Love it! You look great with it and it really pops. Do you like the gold hardware? I wanted one with silver h/w but I'm not sure.
  8. That color is beautiful. Hopefully, sometime in the next two weeks, my second LMM will be arriving:wlae:
  9. Hmmm, I didn't think I would want the mini but its a great size! I am torn now between the two sizes.....seems the larger might be too big?
  10. That looks great on you! I love it! I adore my LMM it is perfect!
  11. What a great looking bag, the color is amazing! Thanks so much for the modeling pics. I want to get in on the LMM apple green bespoke order and was looking for the pictures that Contessa posted with her fuschia LMM. I found the thread but now the pics don't display on my PC. I was really happy to see yours.

    Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy showing off your beautiful bag!
  12. wow that color really pops! it is such a cute bag!
  13. wow i love it!!
  14. I love the gold with purple, but then, I don't care for silver hardware on bags.
  15. Thanks sara999. Did you contact BE about your missing crystal? I didn't even know the bag had crystals on the tag until you said something...
    Your purple LM looks pretty hot on you, too!