BE Love Me Mini in WINE Arrived!!!

  1. My hubby called me at work this morning to tell me that a box had arrived from Belen Echandia. Oh, man, it was a long day, waiting til I could get home and open up my new BE. She's great! As everyone else has said, the leather is soft and fragrant, and the size and dimensions fit my tastes PERFECTLY. I'm a happy girl!:love:

    So, what do you think?

  2. [​IMG]

  3. love it! does it have a snap or anything to keep it closed up top?
  4. What a great color!
  5. I love it - what a rich, beautiful color! Congrats - she's just gorgeous :yes:!
  6. Really nice color. You wear it well.
  7. It's beautiful! I have the Stroke Me in wine and it's one of my favorites! :angel:
  8. I love it! That is such a beautiful color and the bag just looks great one you! Congratulations! I am totally loving this LMM!!
  9. It's a wonderful looking bag, it looks great on your shoulder! I'm glad to see someone else's husband calls them when a shipment arrives - LOL!
  10. So, so pretty.

    My husband would call when a shipment arrived. He'd call to fuss!
  11. Oooh, I hate bags like this. I had seen it on the website and did a "eh, pretty but... next". And now I see it on and I'm done for. It looks absolutely TDF on you! :heart::heart: Now I have to spend all this extra time talking myself out of one :smile:

    Congrats on a super hot bag!
  12. The Wine is TDF!! :drool: Congrats!!
  13. Congrat's beautiful bag..

    I cant wait to be back into my desktop so I can admire the color, my laptop isnt plugged in so the color isnt the best.
  14. Love that color and it looks fantastic on you.:woohoo:
  15. No, Sukey, no snap. The drawstring is adjustable, and other folks tell me they have no trouble with things falling out. Sure hope they're right!