BE Love Me Mini in Purple-Wowie Zowie!!!

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  1. Here it is! It seemed like it took a long time to get here, but I guess a week is nothing. One of you had to wait 2 months to get her purple bag! From what Jackie said, this is the last one in this color, so I lucked out!
    The color is bright and perfect for spring and summer and from what I'm hearing, purple is also the BIG color on the runways for fall this year so I am really glad I decided on this color!!! It is also the perfect size bag for me. Love it!!!!!:yahoo:
    BE purple 001.JPG BE purple 007.JPG BE purple 004.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! That color draws the eye from a mile away.
  3. Really wonderful. You are totally chic and cool! Enjoy!!!!
  4. WOW just beautiful! The color is just awesome and that bag is just to die for! I love my LMM so much!
  5. LOVE it. Gorgeous color on a gorgeous bag. Congrats.
  6. I just LOVE it!!! It looks AMAZING in that size!!!

    I adore the LM's....and the LMM's......this one is truly spectacular though! :tup:
  7. My heart started racing when I saw your bag, it's spectacular! I've never owned a purple bag but now I'm tempted.
  8. I love it!! Did yours come with the detachable strap? Mine didn't, so I emailed Jackie and she wanted me to pass along the message to email her if their LMM didn't come with the extra strap.
  9. That is a *HOT* bag!! Congrats!
  10. Wow--she is absolutely divine! Enjoy :smile:
  11. No extra strap came with mine. I guess I'll e-mail her about it even tho I don't know why I would need an extra. This bag fits very nicely on my shoulder and I don't do the cross body thing.
  12. gorgeous bag!
  13. UGH!!!! I can't believe this is the last one! well, there goes my saving up for the LMM in purple :sad:
  14. So gorgeous, I really love this bag! The color is so vibrant and rich!
  15. Wow, the color looks gorgeous. I've never had a purple bag myself but maybe it's something worth looking into ;)