BE Love Me Mini in Mustard -from Jackie

  1. Hey Everyone...Jackie remembered that I had waffled between wanting a custom order in apple green and in mustard. This is the latest news!

    Hi Audrey,

    My manufacturer just emailed to say that he has cut the LMM in mustard 'by
    accident' so if we want him to sew it up, he can.

    Do you still want this bag? I know this mustard leather is hugely popular,
    but we are very short of it. He has cut a few LMMs in mustard so do let me
    know if you hear of anyone else who also wants one.

    Thanks and look fwd to hearing from you!


    I asked Jackie if the recent leather cuts will be larger "pored" (as seen on the Indulge Me and Hold Me) or more standard (as seen on the Be Mine). I also asked about silver hardware as a possibility.

    But I wanted to put that out there in case anyone was pondering!
  2. thanks for the info!
  3. oooo, i might be interested in an LMM in mustard!
  4. post pics when u get it...:tup:
  5. That's awesome for those who love this color. Interesting to see if the silver hw will be an option!
  6. how does the mustard look like? is there a picture anywhere?
  7. Pics here:
    (From left to right: Hold Me, I'm Yours, Indulge Me)
    200772103559125.jpg 200801165651437.jpg 200814181916468.jpg
  8. I like the Im Yours in mustard....what's the deal with it possibly being larger "pored"?
  9. sukey, if you go to the BE site and look closely at the leather on the IndulgeMe and Hold Me, you can see the pattern/markings in the leather much more distinctly when compared to the I'm Yours (kind of like "pores" LOL!). I just asked Jackie if that's due the leather lot used or if the mustard color makes the patterns more pronounced.
  10. hmm, so its only on some of the mustard bags? I thought it was just due to the shimmer & how it effected the texture (She emailed me swatches and the cream and grey looked the same)
  11. That could be it too! She said that this color and the shimmer grey would have the same effect on the leather....for the life of me I can't remember who got the LMM in shimmer grey - she told me to talk to her LOL!

    All this being said, I think I'm leaning more toward a green apple LMM....I just need to rally two more gals, I think!
  12. Yummy, the LMM in either green apple or the mustard would be a great buy.

    I was confused about the "pores" you mentioned, until I realized that what you call "pores" are what I call "pebbly" :smile:
  13. ^yeah...I have no idea what to call them? I know it's a natural feature of leather, but I'm used to the matte leather look, so the pebbly nature of some leather is a little strange to me!
  14. ^ yea i'm not crazy about pebbled leather. i like the matte, smooth leather myself imo
  15. Audball, it was lovebags2 who got the shimmer grey. Hope that helps. For what it's worth, I prefer the smoother leather (looks more luxurious) over the pebbled one, which has a more casual look. I'm a bit confused... so you mean the mustard color and the shimmer create a more pebbled look?