BE Love Me Mini in Chocolate Brown, perfect brown bag, or no?


Belen Echandia Love Me Mini in Chocolate Brown

  1. I think this could be THE brown bag!

  2. I really dont think this is it!

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  1. *Sorry for all the polls! I just really need to find me a perfect brown bag!:yes:

    Could this be my perfect brown bag?

    My perfect brown bag is made of luscious leather, s adorned with tasteful hardware and is timeless in its appeal. It wears easily in the day time but is also dazzlingly dressy at night time.

    Do you think the BE LMM fits the bill?

    Your thoughts are appreciated!:heart:

    Shown below are the BE Love Me mini in Silver/Gray and the regular size Love Me in Chocolate Brown
    200800115656468.jpg 200711020316781.jpg
  2. It looks awfully small to me. I love the original size and the color (chocolate).
  3. Gung - I hope so because I just put a deposit down. I like the looks of the regular Love Me better, but I'm hoping the mini looks better when it's scrunched a bit with chocolate leather and a strap like the picture of the Love Me. I think that's the problem here. Also, it does not look that small when it is on the model, but it does when it is shown by itself. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I just passed up one of my favorite bags on eBay in chocolate!
  4. Thanks Suzi! I hope you love it too!

    Out of curiosity, which bag in Chocolate were you looking at on eBay?
  5. Ladies, please ask Jackie about the chocolate leather - i don't believe she is using the same chocolate leather as she has previously, so you may want to ask her what she IS using so you know what you are getting. Personally, I LOVE my choc Love Me but it's not a super deep rich chocolate. I DO think she is willing to do a custom order for her new chocolate which is definitely deeper and more chocolatey (there is a pic of it in the stroke me style on the mini BE thread) that will develop a slight glossy sheen over time. The chocolate I have will never develop a sheen as it is more of a naked leather, which is what I love.

    Don't want you guys to be disappointed with your BE's!
  6. gung, i think it's gorgeous! are you second guessing yourself about it? it's really quite beautiful!
  7. ^Yep, I am second guessing myself! I have never owned a BE and I am unsure as to whether it is "dressy" enough.

    :shrugs::upsidedown:Do you consider this bag to be a casual bag?? Im not sure!
  8. I own two of them, and you can dress them up or down...and the bags are of superb quality! I would get the regular size Love Me bag, as I think the other looks too small. JMHO!:rolleyes:
  9. [quote=GUNG;4832539... It wears easily in the day time but is also dazzlingly dressy at night time. Do you think the BE LMM fits the bill?

    Really like the bags, but they don't seem 'night time dressy' to me. I guess I associate night time bags with a tad more shimmer in the leather, and being smaller in size. Although the mini is probably a better size for that...

    Also, I thought that typically hobo style bags were more of a day bag of convenience - in keeping with the term hobo - which suggests having to move around from place to place with a lot of stuff... But i honestly think that when you find the right bag you'll just *know* and won't be pelted by doubts.
  10. Gung Baby!!!!! I think I sort of know your style......Get the reg sized Love Me. It's not to overwhelming and has definite sex appeal.

    The LMM is also sexy (esp in fuschia) but is more "cute" than rock 'n roll.

    Know what I mean????

    But Annvaldivia stated....the chocolate in the larger size isn't's comparable to the dark grey which is like a baby's bottom...soft and peachy as opposed to glossy and super smooshy.
  11. Well, I hope so, since I joined the special order on it!
  12. Gung, I am totally second guessing my order. I like very edgy bags and love the larger Love Me (except the size), but I'm wondering if the smaller one has the same qualities. It really needs to be about 12 X 10 with the second zipper and the strap.IMHO I would want one in every color at that size. I'm also hoping it has the glossier chocolate leather. I love that look. By the way, I noticed your Jet Setter Jr. in chocolate. That's a nice looking bag. I'm guessing that the House of Gung could be none other than
  13. Okay, I'm obsessing.... So I went back to DMARIE's fuscia picture and that really is a nice looking bag. I had a Biasia bag a million years ago and it looked a lot like that bag except there was a pocket instead of a zipper. I received more compliments on that bag than I have ever received on any of my bags that are way more expensive with loads of details. Maybe this bag will be gorgeous in it's simplicity and the leather will stand out rather than the extra hardware. Just a thought.
  14. Hi ladies,

    Well, since this is looking like a thread for "second guessing" I thought I would chime in now. I"m thinking Contessa might be right, (Again) and wine is the color for the mini. That might give it more of the edge the LM has and make the mini unique on it's own merit.

    Chocolate or wine? Thoughts?
  15. The way I see things is Chocolate most definitely is THE perfect brown bag for those who love that color.

    Choose something you're in total love with. My point???? Although I adore my Dark Grey LM to death and beyond, I'm really a "black" girl and I now wish I'd had gotten the bag in black crash.

    I really don't want to sell my dark grey, but.....