BE Love Me Mini in Apple Green with Silver HW

  1. OK, who's in? :p All these Love Me Minis coming in has me in fantasyland. Jackie says we need 4 folks in for her to do a custom order. I asked about yellow too, but she says she would have to check the stock on the leather -but the apple green shouldn't be a problem!
  2. ^Do you have a pic of this?
  3. ^^ for the picture in my head LOL! This bag with this color combo:
    200801164926484.jpg 20081222483421.jpg
  4. I have come in on the middle of this thread. Can you give me more information? Cost, etc? Thanks.
  5. Jackie Cawthra, the creator of Belen Echandia bags, allows a few bespoke orders when the demand is cost-effective enough for her. Right now, she has a line of bags available from her online store in the UK (and in a few places in the US, such as

    For any color/hardware combos not available on her site, she may be able to honor special bespoke requests. One style, the Love Me Mini, has generated a lot of posts here. Unfortunately, one of the colors I love, the apple green, is not available in that style.

    So if 4 gals can get together and commit to the same color/style/hardware, she can look into creating the bag for them! Cost on the LMM would be $595 (US), not including potential customs duties (in the range of $50-$70/bag). Shipping is free for tPF members - we just have to mention that on the order.

  6. Audball, when we decide about the apple green LMM do we place the order on the BE website through the LMM "deposit" option and specify the apple green color? I am seriously considering it; I am wide open to bright colors since I received my purple LM! I love these colors!
  7. Im a maybe....I like the apple green but not sure I want another LMM...
  8. I think, just to make it easier on Jackie, it's probably easier for us to have one person coordinate and send a message to Jackie. Since she doesn't have the item in stock, she will need to check on hardware/leather availability and production time. I'm sure if the time-frame is too far out, not everyone may be on board.

    I'm happy to do it - just need to make sure we have enough people ;).
  9. bumping for the evening crowd!
  10. hmm, this is tempting...Im planning on getting the LMM in black crash, but maybe I could get it in apple too....I usually try not to duplicate bags...wish I could find an Indulge Me in black crash, that would be perfect!
  11. ^sukey, did you ask Jackie? I thought it was a popular combination?
  12. I did, she said they don't have them anymore. There are 3 bags I like -- LMM, SM & IM...and I was trying to choose 1 each in black crash, wine and something else....if I could get the IM in black crash, I could get the SM in wine and the LMM in apple....but that's not working out :sad:
    (not getting them all at one time obviously lol)
  13. Aw Rats :sad: - don't give up hope though...Jackie is pretty amazing when it comes to coming through for someone. It's possible that she may be able to find one for you!
  14. So tempting ... it sounds like a gorgeous color combo, apple green with silver HW!