BE LMM in wine or black crash??

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  1. That is the question!! I can only justify buying one more bag, at this time. I just received my LMM in chocolate. I would like to get another and I am trying to pick the most versatile. Wine seems like a great neutral color and the black crash is a sexy devil. Would anyone choose the IM in black crash over the LMM?

    Please help me figure this out:girlsigh:
  2. I like the black. Oh choices are so hard.
  3. Black Crash is sexy, rock 'n roll, screamin' chic!!

    Wine is so gorgeous.....I can't ever see the rational or point in having to decided between the two!

    BOTH are a must!!!
  4. black crash! With the wine a very, very, very close second!
  5. I want to order my first LMM. Do they charge you tax? Does everyone buy from her website? No discounts? How long will it take for me to receive it?
  6. I love both, but since you have brown, Id say go for a color and get wine
  7. I haven't seen the wine LMM in person but I have an Angle Purse in wine and I love the color. I do have a LMM in black crash and I have to say I LOVE that bag. It is such a chic bag. I've worn it for the past 2 days and it just looks amazing! I did consider a wine LMM but I wouldn't choose the wine over the black crash. You should ask Lovebags2 what she thinks. She has the wine and black crash LMM. I just talked to her today and she said that she loves her LMM black crash and I think she would prefer that over the wine. She is out of town now but will be back Monday I think, so you can ask her then.
  8. Freshface, you can order the black crash LMM from (free shipping, no customs duties) or you can order a color they don't have directly from Jackie at Belen Echandia's site ( Customs duties fees will depend on 1.if you get charged at all (some people have missed getting charged) 2. the rate in your area. Same with taxes - if you are not in CA, I don't believe you get charged sales tax.

    Twice a year (January and June?), Jackie Cawthra, the owner of BE, has a sale. Prices are sometimes up to 35% off list, but you are stuck with what she has on sale - you cannot request an item ahead of time. If the item is in stock and they ship immediately from the UK, you can get your bag within 4 days from DHL International. If she has to do a custom design it can take from a few weeks (4-6) or a few months (!) - depends on color/leather availability.

    ETA: museten has their own sales as well and I think an indulge me and possibly a few other bags are on sale already.
  9. ^^
    I've been trying to buy a black crash LMM from Museten but its still not on the site (well on there but out of stock) and they havent called me back...between this and the wine SM Im gonna go crazy lol
  10. I'm an enabler... get both! :yes:
  11. Cindy from Museten just confirmed they are all out of black crash minis :sad:
  12. Oh, man, that sux! I'm happy for Jackie and Cindy at museten, but sad that a lot of folks who may have held out for the LMMs in black crash won't be getting them (at least right away). :sad:
  13. The wine would be gorgeous but I think the black crash is a MUST. IMHO, we should all own that one.
  14. Oh, I just read the bad news:wtf:. I'm guessing it will be months before we see more. That sucks.:crybaby:
  15. All of you ladies are such enablers:graucho: I can't buy both, but I'm taking all of your comments under advisement. I'll let you know what I decide. I'm just feeling that BE love:heart: