BE leather is used to make bags by Claudia Firenze

  1. What struck me most about this is that the leather smells the same as BE leather ~ how many leathers are prepared as the leather BE uses with its perfumed scent? I think the aroma is absolutely DIVINE! :yes:

    I googled perfumed leather and came up fairly short-handed. Apparently, it was very popular amongst the European aristocracy in the 16th century.
  2. Just because it is from the same source doesn't mean it is the same quality. There are always different grades of leather - I'm sure manufacturers have their cheap stuff and their uber-high end stuff. Even leather taken from the very same animal will end up different, depending on where on the body it is from and how it is tanned, stretched, cut, and treated.

    Banana Republic bags are nice, but they are nowhere near the same level as Chloe - just speaking on terms of leather quality.
  3. So true circoit and very well said!!
  4. It wouldn't bother me even if they did use the same leather source. BE designs are very distinctive and the quality of the leathers she is choosing might be quite they're selected, cut, etc. Plus, her bag designs are so well thought out in terms of balancing beauty and practicality.

    And that smell? I do wish she could bottle that's amazing!
  5. hmmm ... i think the title of this thread should be changed ... its not a fact ...
  6. I agree!!!
  7. I bought a small Claudia Firenze bag at Winners yesterday because it was so gorgeous-the price ($100 Cdn) was higher than I usually go, so I was kinda nervous since I had never heard of the label before. Started to google it last night and found The Purse Forum! Hello sisters!! What a great feeling to discover a site where you feel like you've arrived HOME! Looking forward to the days ahead, sharing, comparing and learning!
  8. Welcome Kissd56! Enjoy the sisterhood : )
  9. so what is BE leather? Don't know that term.
  10. Belen Echandia
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    what is BE leather?
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  12. "BE"= 'belen echandia', a british handbag company. BE leather was colloquially referring to the leather from which BE makes its bags.
  13. I believe your answer is in the post above. It's leather used by Belen Echandia. Sorry, I won't be emailing you with my answer since you can read it here. :smile:
  14. ok,thanks:graucho:
  15. thank you all for your replies.