Be Kind Rewind

  1. This movie's by the same director as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I'll be the first to say it actually looks pretty darn good! :lol: Although I'll admit I'm pretty biased, I'll watch anything with Mos Def in it (he's adorable, and acts so well for a hiphop artist-gone-actor). I can take Jack Black in certain doses, as well. Its release date is 2/22, anyone else going to catch it? :upsidedown:

    Its website is so creative! :tup:
  2. One of my co-workers show the movie a few weeks ago (he writes reviews for an online magazine) and loved it!

    I've been anticipating it for a while because I really like Jack Black. I know that he rubs some people the wrong way, but I love him.
  3. ^^ Great to hear that he loved it! And what an awesome job to have.

    ITA with what you said about Jack Black. It's like you either love him or hate him. :true:
  4. Even though Jack Black drives me crazy, I am definitely going to see this movie- it just looks hysterical!
  5. looks boring to me......
  6. Did Michel Gondry Swede Amanda Bynes Idea?
    Posted on February 21, 2008 by Pedro Monscooch
    There’s scandal all over the interwebs today as a YouTube video made by an obsessed fan accuses Michel Gondry of stealing sweding the premise of an Amanda Bynes episode from eight years ago for his new film ‘Be Kind Rewind’.
  7. I saw previews for this the other day at the theater. I think it looks like it will be funny!
  8. I just saw this movie and I really, really liked it!! (the people I saw it with weren't overly crazy about it, though).

    If you do go see it, you have to keep in mind that the guy who directed it also directed 'the science of sleep'- so it IS a bit artsy and ambiguous...

    There are scenes that are hysterical, though!