BE in Canada

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm new to the amazing world of BE. I'm just wondering if or where BE bags are sold in Canada, and also how much shipping to Canada is from the BE website.
  2. Hi cruising and welcome!
    I don't know which stores in Canada carry BE but I do know that you can order directly from BE as they ship anywhere in the world. I also feel that nothing can compete with the personal service you receive when purchasing directly from BE:smile:
  3. You can get in on the online sale TODAY and get a 30% off discount. I can't think of a better way to try BE.:yes:
  4. You cannot buy BE in Canada from a retail store - not even Holts!
  5. Yes today is the start of the 3 day sale --11am EST but there's a code (3bags) so you can start shopping an hour early!
    It's 30% off everything except the Protect Me!