BE I'm Yours Pearlised Light Grey

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  1. This is indeed a beautiful bag! I'm getting the Sand/python one and I cannot wait!

    let us know how you enjoy wearing it!
  2. I'm still thinking of getting one! Maybe the pearlised cream as a summer bag, or the mustard. Mama22boys & Contessa, I'm waiting to see your modeling pics!
  3. I have several BE and RM bags and right now, the RM MAM is the most functional style for me. It's big enough to hold my personal items, without being too big, you know what I mean? I like the depth of the MAM's. I also adore the new hardware on the MAM and MAB's now. But I do like the uniqueness of the styles and little touches of the BE bags better. I love the BE leather tags with the stones, the shape of the SM bag, the little outside pockets on the IY, etc ... I like the attention to these little details on the BE bags. Just with my collection only, I found that my RM bags' leathers are more smooshy, whereas the BE bags are a bit more structured. But after time, I'm sure that the leathers will soften. The exception is my LM Dark Grey which is already soft.

    But to sum it up, aside from the cosmetic features, I think both RM and BE put out great quality bags, as I'm sure these bags will last a long time. (For the money I've spent so far they better! ;))
  4. You're correct, it's with the gold hardware. :smile:

  5. Get it! Get it! I absolutely adore my tangerine MAM! :smile:
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely compliments! :smile:

    I'll get modeling pics soon!
  7. I just want you to know your pictures made me re think the IY. I think I am going to get the IY in tan. I really need a good summer bag! I just listed a few bags on eBay so that means I can order more right??? LOL
  8. Absolutely, plus, it will give some of those new to BE an opportunity to check it out without breaking the bank! :yes:

    The IY is just gorgeous...although, I recently parted with my beloved Mustard IY with silver h/w to help offset the cost of my fall order ~ I am quite taken by the crash leathers!!!
  9. ^^ the bags I am selling are not BE bags. One is a Coach and the others are Hayden Harnett bags.

    Did you like the size of the TY?? How did it feel on your shoulder?

  10. I'm eyeing the tan one too! We just love enabling each other don't we?! ;)
  11. I LOVE the size of the IY ~ especially for my short stature (I'm 4'll"). It felt great on my shoulder, although I could not wear it on my shoulder with a heavy coat. But, I purchased it to wear for spring, so a coat wasn't an issue.

    What's most important with whatever you're parting with is that you're OK about letting them go to new homes and that you generate some cash to support your BE habit. ;)
  12. Yes we do love to don't we!!:graucho: You should get the tan with me!!

    I am totally fine parting with my bags that I am selling now. I don't feel attached to them at all. It if was some of my favorite BE bags that would be a different story!

    I am just a little taller than you but I think the size will be perfect for me too. Jackie knows my style and she suggested it for me. I am glad that it fits nicely over the shoulder. I live in the south and we only wear heavy jackets for about one month out of the year which is in January so I probably won't be carry my tan bag then anyway. :tup:
  13. Most excellent choice ~ you will LOVE it!!! :yes:
  14. It is a beautiful bag! I love the color. I never thought I was a "grey" bag person, until I started seeing pics of the BE greys.
  15. oh it's so pretty!! Congrats!