BE "I'm Yours" bespoke with SILVER HW

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  1. Hey Ladies!!!

    Anyone interested in ordering an IY with silver hardware????

    Colors can be discussed and then we can start a separate thread on it once we decide.

    I know many of you crave and LOVE silver hardware (myself included) and I was thinking that if 3 or 4 OR more of us got together, we could order the IY of our dreams!!

    Now personally, I would LOVE an IY in wine/bordeaux with python trim.....but if I'm alone, I'll suffer quietly!

    What do you all think????? Just throwing it out there to you guys!
  2. ^^ no need to suffer in silence Contessa, I am all over the wine with silver IY - but not sure I can afford the luxury of python. I could be talked into it though - let's see what others have to say....
  3. love the silver hardware for sure! Not sure if I could do a Python trim, I really hate snakes and would never want to carry one. Seriously, I am sure I have a phobia! Keep me posted though....
  4. Love the sound of it, but no can do - I'm definitely on a bag ban for a long while!
    Would like to see pics if you get one though!!!
  5. Sorry Contessa. That is definitely my kind of bag, but I think tan or black crash are in the cards for me. I know I'm staying kind of conservative here. Although, Python will be in my future at some point. Sometimes a girl has got to bring out her wild side:P.
  6. I want an IY tote but I don't want a wine bag. Hey Suzi maybe you and I could start a tan TY tote bespoke! I know how much you want a tan bag!:graucho:I would hate to take away from Contessa's bespoke since she bowed out of the LM Mididi

    Contessa- Let me know what color you decide to do. I really want a IY but not in wine. So let me know what you guys decide!!
  7. Wine/bordeaux? That is such a beautiful sounding combo!!! :drool:
  8. I hate snake skins too but I like how this is more of a trim. I hate every other skin except cow but when I saw Jackie's snake skin, it didn't seem as overbearing as bags that are full on snake.
  9. I am flexible on the colour - I could go with wine or plum or dark grey, even apple green.
  10. I'm flexible on the color. I only mentioned "wine" as a starting point!

    Plum Crash will be gorgeous as it's a metallic plum/violet/purple

    Black with silver will ROCK too.
  11. Plum would be awesome, though I have never seen the plum crash - just using my imagination. Have you seen it Contessa?
  12. You know what I think would be gorgeous? A sand I'm Yours or I'm Yours Tote without the python trim (I have a phobia, too!), and with silver hardware. Wouldn't that be absolutely perfect for spring?


    I'd be interested in that or a cream shimmer with silver hardware. I've already got the Wine IYT so I'm not interested in a wine IY.

    Also, I'm curious to see some of the new colors for fall. I may want one of those instead.
  13. OMG ~ just spotted this thread!

    Do we have to order the same color, or can it be any color with silver hardware?

    If we can choose any color ~ I WANT FUCSHIA!!!

    If I can't get my Fuchsia Love Me Mini with Silver hardware, I'll take this combo in the I'm Yours ~ definitely!!!

    If this doesn't work, I'll take the Wine/Bordeaux without the python, as my budget is quickly getting tapped out.

    Let me know, OK?
  14. Wine/Bordeaux would be amazing with silver hw......

    or even the new "Wine Glossy" Jackie's offering for Fall.

    What do you think Girls????? Are we going for this?????
  15. I'm considering the IYT in wine...but thinking an IY may be a better size...will keep an eye on this thread :smile:
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