BE 'Hug Me' - guess the style?

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  1. We know that BE are bringing out a new style called 'Hug Me' :drool:, so I thought it might be fun to have a guess as to what sort of bag it might be!

    Right, my guess is that it's some sort of a small duffle bag - what's yours?!
  2. I think it will be kind of a unstructured really smooshy bag, maybe a bit like the Hold Me!
  3. guess is that it will resemble the "Love Me" in some way.....b/c honestly, that's all I feel like doing with mine.....hugging it and loving it!
  4. I am guessing it might be a smooshy hobo. I bet it's made from super soft leather, just from the name.
  5. I'm seeing smooshy and unstructured.
  6. Messenger with long strap or backpack!
  7. I assume something close to the design of the Stroke Me? Jackie knows I was disappointed the style would not be available anymore in the fall. Honestly, who knows though---but I am so EXCITED!!! If I can guess, I agree with kings_20, again though who knows!!

    Everyone must keep checking the website!!
  8. so true! to be quite honest, i think my Dark Grey LMM is the most comfortable bag, as you say, very "huggable".

    also, is it just me or do the LMMs get *better* with use?? after 1 week of use the leather is very smooshy and soft, and i feel like the bag can hold more now. did anyone experience the same thing, or is it just my imagination (running away with me..) ?? lol

    i am very looking forward to the Hug Me, whatever it is, i'm sure it'll be great
  9. I think it has to be smooshy and huggable to have that name. Jackie told me months ago that there would be a bag coming in the fall like the TMA only smaller if I can remember the conversation right. I tend to like bags that are bigger than LMM but smaller than the TMA and LM. So, maybe this is what she was talking about?
  10. What Jackie is missing in her line, in my opinion, is a real handsfree messenger bag. If you ladies have been to Europe, you'll see women all with handsfree messengers worn cross body. If she comes out with one of these I'll be the first to buy.
  11. I also would guess a Hug Me would be soft and smooshy and huggable rather than more structured.
  12. Really, the Stroke Me is going to be discontinued? What about the Stroke Me Medium? I was gonna wait to get the medium in petrol but I guess I should get one NOW!!
  13. I believe there is only one more petrol SMM in stock on the BE site and I'm planning to return mine. It's a gorgeous bag but I have the SMM coming in another color and decided to hold off on any other BE purchases until fall.
  14. A messenger!! Not flat, that can't fit ANYTHING, but a juicy, luscious fuller one! Been looking for a decent one for ages! :love:
  15. sweetneet, I've been thinking the same about my LMM. It's also dark grey and I've been carrying it for about a month now. It's gotten even softer and a bit slouchier on the bottom so it does hold more! I'm lovin' it so it's name is perfect!

    With a name like Hug Me, I envision a cross between the slouchy hobo style of Stroke Me, but with a bit more structure, like the Love Me. Definitely with soft, smooshy leather you just want to cuddle & hug!