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  1. Are men allowed here?

    I've always been into fashion (and no, I'm not gay ;) ), and like to see my gf's in nice things (on those rare occassions I have a gf). Obviously your site intrigues me, so I was curious if it would be odd having some guy hanging around a primarily female site?
  2. Umm, not odd at all! There are lots of men in here. We love them!!!
  3. LOL! no, it's all good! Welcome to the forum!!
  4. of course!!! Welcome to the forum!! :yahoo:
  5. Absolutely men are allowed here. The more the merrier LOL! Welcome!!!:welcome:
  6. Of course...we just happen to have more women ;)
  7. No, it's not odd for a straight guy to post here. A straight guy runs the whole thing.

    (His name is Vlad.)
  8. I think there is an increasing number of men who are just as vain as us woman. ;p It's good to have a guy whose interested in fashion and give valuable advice whenever we ask for an opinion.
  9. LOL A man who wants to learn about purses and fashion and wants his woman to have these nice things rocks! :smile:

    Welcome and enjoy!!!
  10. It's absolutely Okay for you to be here!! :smile:

    I like it when men are a part of these forums, it gives a different perspective to some topics :biggrin: I keep encouraging Bart to join, since he enjoys designer / nice things too - but he's too busy with work :smile:

    Welcome!! :heart: PS: Is that you picking your nose in the avatar?
  11. The more men the merrier as far as I am concerned!!:p

    Seriously welcome to tpf!!
  12. Welcome to the board!!

    It is nice to have all sorts of perspectives here - ;)
  13. welcome to the board. there are a good handful of guys on the board. i dont know about the other subforums, but the LV subforum has a good amount of guys now! :biggrin: myself included.
  14. OK, its awesome! WELCOME! :yahoo:
  15. Welcome!
    There's more males here than you think {yes, some are straight! LOL!} including the Site Mastah! LOL!