Be honest

  1. Are the 120mm Pigalles easy to walk long before you are in agony? I am thinking of exchanging my Decollete's for these as I think they are more classic. Anyone own both and can comment on comfort level.

  2. Honestly...I have a very hard time walking in 120mm pigalles outdoors. Indoors is much easier than outdoors. If I am walking outdoors, then I have to hold onto someone for support because NYC streets are filled with potholes, grates, and other things that make it impossible to walk in pigalles.
  3. I am ok with Pigalle 120s the only time I just cant do it is going down a steep hill. Usually my husband carries me. He knows the routine though.

    I actually find the decolletes quite comfortable but I must say finding the right size is key here.
  4. It's not so much that they are uncomfortable but they are indeed hard to walk in. You do get used to it though so just walk around in them at home. I've even spent an evening dancing in them and I could barely stand up in them the first time I put them on.
  5. For me it isn't that they are uncomfortable (they aren't), it's just that when it comes to walking, they are impractical. At most for me, they would be car-to-restaurant-back-to-car shoes - with valet parking! I like to be able to at least walk up a few stairs or across a restaurant without having to hold onto my husband's arm...I finally admitted this to myself and am going to sell mine...:sad: