Be Honest: Why Do You Buy So Many Bags??

  1. Another thread started today asking us to list how many bags we've purchased since Jan. 1st got me thinking about why we buy SO MANY bags. Do you USE them all, just collect them (like a stamp or coin collector?) or buy them to resell? For me, I buy to use so having 10 new bags in a few months makes no sense. I've never sold a bag so even though it's tempting to do it, it hasn't happened yet. I'm definitely not a collector. I'm really curious about all of you. Why So MANY Bags???
  2. I don't buy a lot, maybe one each season on average and I buy to use. I love gorgeous bags, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes and other accessories. I just have a thing for bags and spend the bulk of my disposable income on bags. I'm a bag hag I guess.
  3. I cannot tell you how many bags I've purchased since joining the forum last November! Why do I buy them? Sometimes I get caught up in the chase to see how cheaply I can buy them, especially high end bags. Sometimes becuase I just love the style and color etc. I do use them all for about a week at a time and then choose another one for the next week. I think I have purchased about 20 bags since then! Yikes!!! My hubby puts it nicely when he tells me he thinks I'm out of my mind! Oh well, sometimes living with him I have to be!:roflmfao:
  4. I try to make sure I only buy a bag if I don't already have something like it, for ex. if I don't already have a bag in a certain color or shape. Each of the bags that I've bought this year are different from each brown satchel, one black cross-body/messenger, one navy tote, one grey clutch, one oversized hobo.

    Since I have all my bases covered, hopefully that means my purse itch will have been scratched. Unless I decide to return one of the recent ones, in which case I'll be back on the hunt!
  5. Why do I buy so many bags? Because I can.
  6. Yes I can't even say how many I've bought since joining the PF.... I make it a point to buy ones I'll use. No point in buying bags unless they're used, in my opinion. Why let them gather dust? That's why I buy ones that go with my personal style, the clothing I wear, the colors, etc.

  7. I saw that thread and I am not going near it. I am too scared :wtf: Seriously.

    The funny thing is that I found this forum just as I got back into the work field. I am now rethinking my goals and my future. I just had the thought- "oh my, if I quit this job, I won't have as much money" Then I thought- what have I been buying??? Bags, bags, bags! It would also be freeing to me to not have the money to buy bags. I swear, it's almost blissful thinking about it :nuts:

    I've gone overboard and I am on the way back down. I hope :yes:
  8. Gads, I buy so many bags for the same reason that I buy so many pairs of shoes and so many clothes -- I love the thrill of the hunt, and I like to look nice. I grew up wearing hand me downs and clothes from discount department stores. Maybe I'm just making up for lost time.

    I realize that many women wear the same purse each and every day, but I really like being to able to pick just the right bag for my outfit each day.

    So, I guess my reasons come down to the following:

    I buy bags because:
    (1) I see a crazy sale that I can't pass up (HH comes to mind at the moment)
    (2) I see a bag in the store or on someone that I HAVE TO HAVE
    (3) I have an outfit or two for which I don't have a matching bag (okay, so this is rare at this point).

    I do NOT buy bags to impress anyone. No logos, no ostentatious labels, no bags intended just to show off. No criticism intended to those who are into the logo stuff, it's just not me.
  9. hmmm I don't know why other than I really like bags and variety.
  10. I buy so many bags because I love them! New styles come out that I just love (Gryson's Olivia). Bags are made w/softer & softer leathers, which has always been a weakness of mine (Gustto comes to mind!). Sometimes I want a bag in a certain color - whether it's to match something or just because I saw the color, really like it & don't own anything like it (my grey Kooba Meredith was one of those!).

    I use all my bags - not as often as I once did (because I own so many now), but I do cycle through my bags and use all of them, including bags I bought 3, 4 or even 5 years ago! Sometimes I sell them off, but haven't in a while (Thinking about unloading some soon).

    I think mostly I buy them because I love them so much & appreciate them and they're easy to buy & carry. I luv shoes, but I can't wear most of the "pretty" styles because of problems w/my feet & back, and I can't see spending as much on my shoes as I do my bags because I don't get as much use from them. I wear a bag every day - usually the same one for at least a week, everywhere I go - but my shoes change daily depending on what I'm wearing, if I'm working, going shopping or just sitting around the house.

    And that's why I buy so many bags!
  11. Because i love bags!
  12. Impulse, congratulations, commiserations, planned indulgence, style, quality, colour, shape, variety, affirmation, challenge, boredom, excitement, celebration and for no damn reason at all!
  13. Sometimes I but them because it makes me feel good to know that I have something beautiful on my arm... other times I like to look at my *obsession* as a work of art. I don't buy paintings, I buy purses because no matter what anyone says, the designer who crafted the bag put their all into it and it is their work of art that I get to display on me!

    I have to rationalize it to myself...LoL :p I also say to myself sometimes, "at least it's not drugs or something really terrible that I am addicted to" that works when I explain why I have so many!
  14. I buy bags because I love them and would like to have different bags for different occasions/outfits. However, I only buy bags when they are on sale..I don't think I could bring myself to buy a bag at full price. Also, I think I have been a little crazy the past 2 months because prior to then, I've never had any designer bags. I'm sure that there will never be another time in my life where I will purchase 12 bags in 2 months time!
  15. Also, it feels nice now that I am working to be able to save up to buy things I like..I am still young and do not have many responsibilities now so it feels nice to treat myself (and my mom!) to some luxuries that we have never had before!