Be honest, who DOES like bags cause of status/prestige?

  1. I read a lot of people stating they don't care about what other people think of their bags and that they only buy certain bags because they personally like. Plus that they don't care if someone knows how much they spent on the bag...

    Is there anyone out there who will admit that they DO like certain bags because of status/prestige and DO want people to know how much they spend?

    I'll be honest, I am into status symbols and prestige and it may be lame but a bag is part of that.... I kinda like people knowing how much I spent a lot on a bag... lol
  2. They are not for me.
  3. Me either. I used to think that is what I needed to do, or that I needed to buy a certain label, but I have learned that I don't get the results or satisfaction from that, so I have been able to change my ways. Thank God!
  4. I love the labels that make unmarked bags that people in my region are not familiar with. Some of my friends think my Mulberry bag is a cheap version of Burberry! If only they knew... lol.

    I guess that if I liked status bags, I would be carrying the Spy bag or anything with the letters LV plastered all over it. Why pay so much to look like everyone else?
  5. Just a heads up guys, please check out the thread link I posted above...this topic seems to always turn into a brand bashing thing and peoples feelings end up getting hurt....just would like to see less drama on the forum....
  6. Ah, gotcha.

    Nothing against those bags. They are incredibly chic... I just can't pull it off.
  7. I betcha could! :graucho:
  8. For some strange reason I do get satisfaction from recognition or "approval" from others and I don't feel the need to change cause I'm fine with the way I feel about it. I'm fine with being shallow I guess...

    A lot of people always say that it shouldn't matter what others think but for some reason I have always cared and probably will always care about what others think.

    If I didn't care about what people thought I wouldn't try to dress nicely or put makeup on, all of those things for me have to do with how others perceive me... I've heard people question if people dress for themselves, for other women, or for men, and for me it's for both but it's 95 percent for other people...
  9. I am the same in regards to how I dress, but not what accessories I wear/carry. Is that weird? My specific diamond earrings or Indian bracelets or Coach handbag mean nothing when I look in the mirror. I just like to know that I could meet anyone anywhere and could present a good first impression, but it doesn't matter to me the brand I am carrying at the time.
  10. I wanted at least one classic 'it' bag for the implied status. I admit it. This is because I spend lots of time coaching other people on interviewing for jobs. I am a firm believer in "Good clothes open all doors." We are a very visual society, and the first impression you make when you meet someone who can advance your career is extremely important. Unfortunately, an it bag also makes SAs treat you with more respect when you're just browsing.

    In line with that thinking, I have one fabulous pantsuit that cost $1k a couple of years ago and a designer button down to go with it that I bought on sale at Saks. My new Muse would look very very good with this suit and when I needed to dress to impress.

    That said, now I'm addicted just because I love handbags. Any further ones I buy will be because I lurve them (although I do lurve my Muse too!) and I won't care about status - I care more about quality ultimately.
  11. I buy bags that I like. They just happen to be expensive ones.

    People wouldn't have to look at my bags to know that I live a very nice life.
  12. Me, me, me.
    It's one important reason, but not the only one.
    At this point, I have owned so many designer handbags that I would not even consider another handbag that is not designer made. For one thing, I can always be sure that the handbag is made of quality material and workmanship.
  13. Fair warning: I have an MA in sociology and I'm not afraid to use it! :smartass:

    Status isn't shallow, it's important. It's a basic human social need. Hell, it's a basic social need, period--dogs, apes, bees, it's encoded in us. There's no reason to feel bad about wanting some of it, and if a handbag helps, then hallelujah.

    Mind, this depends on your reference group--I spend most of my time with academics and librarians, and it's rare when one of them even notices I have a bag, let alone what status it does or does not convey. What matters to them is how fast and how accurately I can answer a reference question--so that's the status indicator in my vocational group.

    On the street, it's another matter. I definitely am treated differently with a Louis Vuitton on my arm than with a Jansport, and it doesn't seem to matter what I'm wearing or doing, or who I'm with. The LV gets an edge of respect which rubs off onto me. I know it, and I'm okay with it, and sometimes I work it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as no one is mistreated because of it.