Be honest please, Should I keep this?

  1. Ok I totally trust you guys so, I am cleaning up my closet and I found this two things I got last year and I dont know if I should keep them or sell them. Be honest, I would take any advice. Thanks

    What could I possibly wear with this jacket. Also, I've lost 9 lbs so this jeans dont look to good on me, but I dont want to sell them, cause I love them, maybe if I wash them with super hot water :confused1:
    IMG_2362.jpg IMG_2364.jpg IMG_2428.jpg IMG_2430.jpg
  2. Umm the jacket is not really my style and to me it is not in fashion right now, and I dislike pretty much enything with lace trim

    the jeans I would keep becuase if your weight ever fluctuates you have a great pair for the day ! :smile:
  3. Sell the jacket but keep the jeans.
  4. I say keep the jacket, it's adorable. Wear it with a cute blk cami. I wouldn't get rid of it, that's just my opinion.
  5. I think the jacket would look cute with a knee length skirt, I would keep it (you never know when you might wear it.) Also, the jeans are really cute! I would try the hot water thing. I am not much help as I am a pack rat and I find a reason to keep everything.:p
  6. I would get rid of the jacket and keep the jeans to bum around the house in.
  7. Honestly, I don't like your jacket (both style and colour). About jeans, I would keep it as jeans are never out.
  8. i would get rid of both
  9. I love the jacket, I would keep that. You could wear it with a black shirt under and a black skirt or pants.

    I think the pants are too big and look kind of sloppy.
  10. I think that jacket has a lot of potential! You just have to pair it with a sexy top (like punksuade said, a cami) and it would be a very hot look!

    The jeans I think are a bit too big on you now. Either sell them, or like someone else suggested, just wear them around the house as pants you can get dirty without having to worry about it.

    By the way, congrats on losing 9 lbs.!
  11. Funny how I had replied BEFORE reading your post. I was going to say the jeans look like you lost a lot of weight! They are very ill-fitting indeed; I understand you feel emotionally attached to them but they do not do your figure any favors.

    As for the jacket, I don't think it looks good with jeans. I would wear it with white jeans, dressy pants or a skirt/dress under it.
  12. The jeans looks big. Congratulations! I'd keep them to wear around the house. I'm not feelin the jacket.
  13. Both. The jeans are too huge - very ill-fitting and thus, unflattering.
  14. ^^^ I agree!
  15. Actually I don't think either piece fits you properly. The jeans are too big (congrats on that!!!) and I would get rid of them. The jacket appears too small, the short length and the puckering in the back brings attention to and makes your middle look larger than it is.

    Congrats again on the weight loss!!!