Be Honest!! I need everyones opinion!!

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  1. Good afternoon ladies. Hope everyones day is going well! I had some time in between classes this afternoon, and I picked up an 07' Noir City.

    I need everyones honest honest honest (even if its an "I dont like it, I hate it comment) opinions on this bag. Does it look like good leather? How are the veins? Color? Year? Thickness? ect. you know. Critique my bag!

    Please help me decide if I should keep her or not. Thanks!!
    Balenciaga 0031.jpg Balenciaga 0071.jpg Balenciaga 0021.jpg Balenciaga 0011.jpg
  2. I think it looks gorgeous! The leather looks really thick, and from what I can tell in the photos it has a nice amount of (not too much) distressing. I love my black city--I use it everyday and I think you should keep it if you love it.
  3. congrats!!! wow, the leather looks very thick and fluffy from those pics!! where did you get it?
    i think you should def. keep!!! :smile:
  4. [​IMG]

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
    although.... i think it's still too stiff for my taste :p
    but with use, i think this will be a lovely bag
  5. I think it looks GREAT. It will get more smooshy with time and use.
  6. I think she is gorgeous!!! :drool:Definitely a keeper!! Black BBags are a classic, everyone should have one in their collection...CONGRATS!!
  7. ^^ my opinion is "yummmmm!!!" :drool:
  8. Wow! I want to stuff it and take it to bed as my pillow. Lovely bag - congratulations.
  9. i think it looks AWESOME... it looks so thick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Very nice :yes: I would personally like more distress in the leather but it's a LOVELY bag, keep it :yes:
  11. I really like it - Balenciaga is really growing on me. From the way you photographed it, it looks positively enormous, though. Is it?
  12. I agree, your new bag is hot! The leather looks really yummy. Congrats :yahoo:
  13. What's NOT to like ???:love:
  14. completely gorgeous! keep it for sure! :yes::yes::yes:
  15. your bag is gorgeous! the leather looks thick and smooth... definitely keep! and the color's a classic of course :yahoo: