Be honest--do you use the kelly as an everyday bag?

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  1. Or do you find yourselves using it just for special occasions?

    I wonder if it becomes annoying, getting into and out of the bag, and the way it can fall forward on your arm if open . . .

    I still think, for me, (chasing toddler) the plume may be the way to go, but I LOVE the kelly. I especially like the rigide, which adds to the more formal feel, and may make it even less of an everyday bag. I would hate to get something that never sees the light of day. Thoughts?
  2. I want to know too.... :smile:
  3. I sure do! My 25cm togo retourne Kelly is an awesome everyday bag. My DH says that the togo makes it look more "rough and tumble" than my other Kellys! LOL!! The togo also makes the Kelly easier to get into and out of and any minor inconvenience caused by the straps is well worth it (to me). Loooove my Kellys! :heart:
  4. I have used mine almost everyday lately (the only exception is when it rains, then I use a Longchamp tote) and I love it. Most of the time I carry it as a handbag but this past week I have been using the shoulder strap a lot because I have been taking care of my three year old godson while his mom was taking care of her father who has been in the hospital. We have been to the mall, the grocery store, etc. and I have not had any problems nor have I been annoyed with opening and closing the bag. Granted though, he is a very good child and does not run all over the place in stores so it is easy for me to take the little bit of extra time to open and then close the bag. I just don't like my other bags as much as I like my Kelly even though it is easier to get in and out of my GP and Picotin.
  5. Ninja Sue, I love your mini kellys! Your experience seems to confirm what I was suspecting, which is that the retourne may be more convenient as an everyday bag. Are your mini kellys retourne also?
  6. That's what I like to hear! That is probably true--if I like the bag enough, any difficulties will seem minor, and it will still be the bag I reach for. Is your kelly retourne or rigide?
  7. Whenever I can! ie: whenever I am wearing on outfit that goes well with black box, I take her out (not THAT often in Sydney Summertime!). I DO use my GP more at the moment, but I don't find the Kelly terribly inconvienient to use - it just takes time to do up the turnkey and straps at times! But as my SA says - these are bags for LADIES, we don't throw things in and run....!! LOL!! (well, I DO, but don't tell her that!).
  8. Retourne in Togo.
  9. tangle, I do use my mini Kelly sellier ( black box ) for parties and evenings but my other Kellys are my workhorses. Maybe not an elegant term for something as lovely as the Kelly style, but, nonetheless, my togo and clemence Kellys go to work with me daily.

    If I know there is going to be a downpour, I will take my LV speedy....but, otherwise the Kellys are generally my daily bags. Even today, when we came out of the restaurant at lunchtime, there was some light, unexpected rain. I just brushed the drops off my togo Kelly and you would never know it had rained.

    As for getting into and out of the Kellys, you get used to it and don't really think about it. I use the straps and wear the bag on my left shoulder. Often, I will pick it up by the handle and carry it that way.

    Ms Gold togo Kelly went to work with me today, then, to the post office to mail a package, to lunch where she sat on the chair beside me ( or, otherwise hangs from my pursesitter under the table ) then back to my office.

    I feel Ms Gold Kelly deserves a raise for her hard work:P
  10. I use mine as often as I can, weather permitting... I find that I am neater when I use it - I don't throw every little receipt and scrap into it like I do other bags... (I put things like that in my pocket and deal with them when I get home).
  11. LOL, I think that was my first impression of the kelly, which is why I didn't really consider it at first.

    I am a classic but casual dresser, and pictured the Kelly with a sort-of-formal suit and heels. Seeing all the great pictures of members wearing their kellys with jeans got me thinking about it differently.
  12. Thank you so much for the input! All this talk of gold togo kellys has me daydreaming . . .
  13. tangle - I think it's safe to say you will NEVER regret a Kelly!!! I hope you get one soon!
  14. I sure do!

    I have both Birkins and Kellys but there is just something my Kellys that I love. I only put them away when it's rainy/yucky outside.
  15. I use my Kellys as everyday bags too. I find the retourne more convenient than the sellier. Also, I think it has something to do with the size. My 25cm retourne is so much easier to manage than the 32cm sellier. However, the small size of my 25cm retourne gives you limited space. I really also like the sholder strap of the Kelly and I sometimes use it messenger-style when I have my hands full!