Be I A Snob????

  1. So I was at the mall today carrying my RH Jaune Day. I was at the cosmetic counter buying powder and a woman comes up to me and asks, "Is that a LUCKY bag?" She was referring to the Lucky brand (which I hadn't heard of, same as the jean company? do they make bags?) I told her no and that it was a bbag but it was a lucky bag. As I walked away, I sorta felt insulted. So I have to ask, am I a bbag snob? :shame:
  2. No, you just have taste and she doesn't:roflmfao:
  3. I wore my blueberry day at my college to my dining hall once.. (i go to school in the middle of nowhere new hampshire) and my friend in my sorority asked me if my bag was from target. I really didnt know what to say but just said yea and tried to leave..the girl sitting next to her at the table blurts out "NO it's a $1000 balenciaga bag"

    not sure which is worse.. I just don't talk to my bags in that way with people who don't understand.
  4. yes you are... but aren't we all??? :graucho:
  5. Yes. So am I. And I bet lots of others here too. (no offence, obviously!!! :p) But I would never let anyone else know I was insulted by that kind of remark...and neither did you. Why carry these bags if their not gorgeous and something to be proud of? the summer, I was carrying my Rouge vif City at the wine store. The cashier said...somewhat in awe..."that's a beatiful bag...may I touch it?" I, of course, said ", put in on your shoulder." On my way out she thanked me again and said, "I hope one day I own a Louis Vuitton." Different degrees, but still bugged me waaayyy too much.

    My name is Maggien and I am a bag snob. And if that's the worst thing anyone can say about me...or you...well, we done good, huh??? :lol: Doesn't make us "dangerous offenders"!
  6. honestly? I do think it's snotty for people here to say that because someone doesn't instantly recognize a B-Bag {or Chanel, LV, hermes. . . .} they don't have taste.
    I think some people get a little wrapped up in their labels and lose perspective, we are the minority Ladies, most people do not care if it's a 'label' or not.
    I'd have just been flattered she noticed and was sweet enough to comment.
    And I do agree you handled it w/ dignity as opposed to some of the comments I see from others all over tpf on a daily basis, not just this thread ;) I'm not trying to call anyone out, just saying it happens all day every day here:yes:
  7. I agree with Swanky. Let's not take our addictions to seriously. I had a person once ask if my Fendi baguette was from Pier 1. I thought it was funny.
  8. Well said:flowers:
  9. LMAO Irish!! Pier-1!? Do they sell bags there?
    DH and I went the other night, he loved that place!:lol: {he never gets out :p}
  10. Haha..his one night out and you took him to Pier 1? Geez..
  11. If you were insulted, then yes you're a bag snob. As long as you didn't say anything snotty to her, then I suppose it's not a big deal.
  12. CTgrl414 I completely understand! I go to school in NH too and I'd hate for it to get out how much I spend on my bag addiction. I love my Bbags and wear them often but people around here just wouldn't understand why anyone would spend that kind of money on a handbag.

    Are we snobs? Um, no. We simply have good taste. But sometimes, I feel like saying to hell with anyone who thinks we're "misguided".
  13. Thank you! I totally agree! I admit that I've become a bit obsessed with handbags in general, but that doesn't mean everyone else is. I can spot a fake this or that from 100 paces but I also admire a beautiful authentic bag regardless of the designer. But all of that is very fleeting. People come, people go (along with their bags).

    I just tend to enjoy the bags I have for the satisfaction and enjoyment they bring me, not for anyone who may or may not notice them on the street.
  14. No! That is insulting!
  15. It's really not insulting at all! I see it as a compliment - she noticed the bag, liked it and wanted to know where it was from, likely because she wanted one for herself. :yes:

    We should carry our lovely bags because WE like them and feel fabulous carrying one, not so the world kisses our feet for having great taste, lol!