BE HOLD ME Review...I'm loving it...!

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  1. Hi BE Gals! I now have my TAN HOLD ME. Will post pix soon. I am loving it, as I knew I would. I truly think the HOLD ME is the best BE bargain that there is. If you are looking to add a color to your collection, this is an easy way to do it with a simple, fun bag, at not too great a price.

    Although Jackie calls this a small is not. I think the definition of what's small and large has gotten confused what with the huge bags these days. The Hold Me is definitely not a shoulder bag, although it does fit on my shoulder and I can use it with a t-shirt, but that's about it. It is a great bag for a car lifestyle, which mine is.

    This bag looks so much better in person that it does on the site. It is elegant and minimal. Really super chic a la Hermes Picotin but at a fraction of the price. But you either like that look, or you don't. The leather on my tan is softening up as usual. Inside pockets are the zipped pouch, the cellphone, the PDA, and a keyring. I fit the usual wallet, Angel Purse, etc. etc. camera, PDA, cellphone, plus a book and a water bottle. Even my knitting.

    I know that someone on tpf returned their yellow Hold Me because she felt the bottom was too square and stuck out. Of course, when it is new, it does. But as the leather softens up, the square turns up at the corners to form the sac - like look, yet, keeping its nice shape too. I remember when I got my Love Me -- and after a week or two, it looked nothing like what it looks like now when I use it. So much better after the break in period.
    Anyway, I am one chic and very happy camper. :yahoo:
  2. I've never heard of this bag. Please tell me where I can check them out? Thanks
  3. Thanks for that TropicalGal!
    I was hoping you were going to do a review for this!
    I really like the look of the tan and the whole bag sounds fab.
    I'm glad to know that the bottom of it softens up and the the whole thing becomes more sac-like - that sounds a lot more appealing.
    Sometimes less is more and I think, from what you say, this bag speaks volumes!!!
    It sounds beautiful - please post pics sometime soon. :flowers:
  4. GREAT review! I love it when people give objective reviews of their new items!!

    Can't wait to see your pics!
  5. Thanks for your review TropicalGal! I am lusting after the apple green or the fuschia :smile:
  6. I am loving the mustard. Maybe I will get one at the next sale, if it is offered. I'm happy to hear that you love yours. Pics please :smile:
  7. I've got to admit, this style does seem like the BE bargain. It's cute in fuchsia.
  8. Oh my gosh, I just asked you about this bag on another thread.:blush: You must have been reading my mind.:upsidedown:
  9. Hi Gals. I'll post pix in about a week, after I've used it, so you can see the broken-in look. The fresh, new look you can see on the website. At this point, after just a few uses, the sides don't stand up in a boxy form...but rather drape nicely, but the bag still stands up. I'll give it a few more days.
    The tan is very rich and alive looking, very neutral. Looks nice with black or with white and with jeans too. Good for the tropics.
  10. Thanks for posting this, I have been debating with myself to this one or not. Now I think I will, just another question, does it keep its shape well or not. Please post some pic soon, I would love to see them.
  11. TropicalGal ~ thanks so much for this great review! I've been looking at this bag and debating if I should get one...I think I will ~ the purple with its fuchsia lining looks like it belongs in my hand! :graucho:
  12. Not a shoulder bag? :crybaby:
  13. As I said...I can get it on my shoulder (I am chunky) when wearing a t-shirt. So if you are less than a size might get away with it wearing a sweater...

    I will be using it on my shoulder and also as a hand held -- just plopping it into my car.

    It also doesn't seem to be a winter handbag...winter as in cold and snow. That's just me talking...
  14. Thanks TG. I'm a size 2 so maybe I can get away with it. Hmmm.... still more than what I was hoping for a purple bag.... What should I do? :confused1: