Be Good Johnny Weir-Mondays Sundance

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  1. This was too funny. He is such a flamer and all of his bags. He apparently loves Balenciaga and LV. You guys have to check it out at least once.
  2. So he has a reality show? Or is it a documentary? I saw him interviewed and he's very entertaining. Loved his skating!
  3. He was carrying a balenciaga when he arrived for the skating competition
  4. Awwww i think he's sweet and like him. He gave a press conference today at the Olympics regarding some Australian and French Canadian commentators who made very rude remarks about him and his sexuality and i felt so bad for him because although he accepts who he is, he's still human and the comments must've stung. They joked that he might need gender testing and should be skating with the woman among other brokeback mountain and locker room/out of the closet jokes. I'm glad he shows who he really is! And i hope he gets to meet Lady Gaga! I heard her mom emailed him or something wishing him luck before his performance. And i'm jealous of his bag collection!
  5. It's a reality show and from what I saw it follows his life and on that episode his preparation for the Olympics.

    I don't think that it fair for the commentators to talk about him like that. They are there to talk about the sport.

    But, he is a whoot and very flamboyant.