Be good friends and find me a bridge to jump off of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I've been stuck in the house w/ my sick son since Friday...Hubby ran our other son to all his activities while I played doctor to my other one. This morning my other son woke up w/ a fever too. They are both home today and I am heading back to the doctor. Either they will kill each other b/c they're stuck w/ each other all day or I will kill them both for all the fighting.

    Now where's that bridge???!!!
  2. LMAO!!Been there!!!!
    I soooooooooooooooooooooooo understand!!!make the hubby take them later tonight and go out and get your nails done..or out for a drink with a for me!!!!
  3. I know that feeling!!!

    I hope your children feel better!!

    Take some time for yourself and relax for a while when your husband comes home.
  4. Shushopn, I was hoping I could help you find something but no luck. Hope your boys get better soon and you'll stop tearing your hair out.
  5. Been there, I hope they feel better soon. Maybe they will be tired and sleep and not fight. When my kids are sick they actually get along very well.
    Tell hubby you need a break tonight and get out even if it is just for some coffee and dessert.
  6. oh, my...yuck, I know that feeling.....I hope they are better soon.
  7. Thanx for the kind words guys...Now where's that bridge??????
  8. :sad: When the kids run fever, they are usually too tired to do anything includilng fighting. Maybe it won't be so bad. Hope you and your kids all survive today ok.
  9. Urgh.... i can only imagine 2 sick and cranky kids!!

    This is the best bridge i can come up with ^^^-------^^^

    Can you get the doc to give both of them some drowsy medication so they'll both knock off and go to bed???

    Hope your husband will take over the shift soon. =)

    Hang in there!!
  10. OH..I forgot to mention that NYQUIL works wonders...ROFL.......Sleepy sick kids are better than cranky loud ones...HEEHEE!
  11. ^ ROFL Exactly Jill!!

  12. Intravenous Nyquil for them and intravenous valium for me!!
    One of my sons has diarrhea now - fabulous! The other one is watching "Price is Right". I could actually use a good stomach virus right about now to get rid of all the crap I've been eating the last coupld of days!! LOL!
  13. It's Benadryl for me! ha!
    Sorry...been there/done that TOO many times this season! YUK!
    We will not allow you to jump off a bridge. YOu'd miss out on a new season of bags.
  14. I was going to say the exact same thing....:roflmfao:

    Mshel..Benadryl works wonders too!
  15. I hope that no-one thinks we are a bunch of moms who medicate their kids when they get cranky...

    But sometimes it does work well, because the child ends up getting some rest (the lack of which is probably making him cranky in the first place) and is much more tractable when he wakes up.

    EDIT: And of course you know what happens after...MOM gets sick after everyone else has recovered and the kids are happy and energetic and wonder why you are so cranky - that's what happens to me all the time!