BE Field Trip

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  1. Hi Ladies!! Bali_Girl here reporting in from London!!
    I had lunch with Jackie today. It was great to see her -- she's such a fantastic lady!! Smart, energetic, articulate and passionate about what she does -- its contagious!!!

    We went to a lovely organic food store on Pimlico Road that had a restaurant in it:

    The food was fantastic - fresh and tasty!!

    After lunch, I looked through the leather samples -- here's my comments:
    1. The Tan -- I expected the tan to have a lot of orange tones to it based on pictures that have been posted. Let me tell you that this is not the case. I have Hold Me in the older tan which I like, but I think this new tan is more evenly toned and looks less rustic and more refined. The quality is lovely and I'm definitely going to order something in this tan!
    2. The Sheen leathers are very nice. I always worry about what is meant by words like "crash" "glossy" and "sheen" so it was good to see "sheen" in real life and now that I've seen them I think "sheen" is the right way to describe this leather... lol!!! It's a lovely soft-to-the-touch leather, but has a polished look to it. I expected to see a leather similar to the petrol and wine leathers and I wasn't disappointed. The spring colors are deeply saturated colors and are absolutely stunning.
    Here's my review:
    The Pink is a beautiful shade of pink. It's a true pink and not a bubble-gum pink. It has similar tones to the Bal pale magenta City, but the BE leather is more refined in both color and texture -- what I mean by this is that the BE pink, while a true pink tone....doesn't scream at you like the Bal color and the BE leather is sleeker to the touch.
    The Cobalt is a very nice deep blue. If you're looking for a blue that is not dark like navy, this is a good option. It is a "blue blue". It doesn't have any red, purple or green tones to it. It looked slightly darker to me than what appears on the sample sheet.
    The Turquoise surprised me! I had read posts that seem to indicate that this color had lots of green to it. Yes. There is green in the BE turquoise, but it adds such beautify and depth to the color. There had been a bluer color of turquoise on a color chart Jackie showed me, but after looking at both turquoise colors next to one another, I really liked the BE turqoise best. It's more versatile and looks richer, more classy and more easily worn with a variety of colors than the other turquoise sample that was more blue. I have a turquoise Bal City bag. I love it but its very hard to coordinate clothes with. I plan to order the BE turquoise because I think I'll get more wear out of it as the slight green tone (and I mean slight!!) to the BE turquoise adds depth and warms up the turquoise resulting in a more jewel like effect. I could see greens, yellow, pink, blue-jean-blue, black and white as well as beige/tan worn with the BE turquoise.
    The Aubergine is a dark, deep purple. It's similar to the ligher end of the Aubergine/eggplant, not the middle section!! This color could definately be a fall/winter color too. It's one of the darkest colors offered in BE's spring line hence you could get a lot of mileage out of a bag in this color. It is however dark -- so if you're in a warm climate or are looking for something for summer, it may be a bit dark unless its for evening. This purple shade is a lot deeper in tone than the BE purple also offered.
    The Taupe Grey was such a gorgeous grey!!! Like the turquoise, there were a couple of different grey leather samples on the board, but the BE Taupe Grey Jackie has chosen was again the best of the lot!! It has a slight warm tone to it which results in a beautiful light grey but with "deep tones" and imparts an expensive look to it. This color is a multi-season color too and therefore a great investment. I'll definately order something in this leather and would urge anyone who likes grey, whether you have a grey bag or not already, to consider this leather.
    The Burnt Orange was a color that one needs to be mindful of. I'm part asian, part Irish (yea, I'm a mutt!!) and I have to be careful with orange. The color looked "OK" on my skin, but the BE Burnt Orange has just enough yellow tone in it that it just wouldn't work for me, despite the fact that I am dying for something in this color. Those of you who have less yellow tones in your skin would likely look really good in BE's Burnt Orange however. I'd recommend if you're thinking of this one, you consider requesting a sample before committing.
    The Choco Sheen was really nice. You may have seen the recent thread of the WTM-Midi in Choco Sheen. I can say the leather looks just like the pictures. It is a true brown, with a touch of yellow tone to it. I think it would look good with silver or gold hardware, but gold would look best IMHO.

    And there was a surprise color I wanted to tell you ladies about............(are you ready???)...........

    A beautiful, stunning Green. Yes ladies....a green leather is a possibility for bespokes. It reminded me of the Bal Thyme Green color, but a touch deeper and richer in both color and texture. The leather seemed to be a bit less sheen than the spring sheen leathers but not matte either. It was gorgeous and I have to have something in this color!! Can I interest any of you???

    HOBO UPDATE: For those of you interested in a hobo design bag: Jackie is getting extremely close to finishing this bag. We should see something very, very soon - and I am going to hold out for this one!!! I know we've all been waiting for it but hold will be out shortly!!!

    After reviewing leathers Jackie and I had a lovely afternoon and ended the day with a delicious Thai food dinner in the Soho area.

    I am thankful for getting the opportunity to spend time with this talented, gifted, and driven woman.

    I leave for India next. Will write more on Monday from there!!!!
  2. What a wonderful review! Thank you.:idea:
  3. How incredibly fun!! Thanks for the reviews and information!! I'm really excited about seeing some bags in these new leathers! Have a wonderful trip!
  4. Oh Bali......I have to come and join you next time!!!!

    I'll definintely hold out for Hobo#2 and as far as that forest green is concerned, count me IN!
  5. Great review and we should definitely do a London "meet up" sometime :graucho:
  6. Wonderful review Bali. The information on the colors is very useful for my upcoming spring orders.
  7. Wonderful review, Bali. Enjoy the next journey of your trip.
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this awesome information! I am so excited now for my TME midis in taupe grey and aubergine, they sound like they are going to be stunning!

    I ordered accessories in the cobalt blue and pink sheen because these are two colors I am particular about - they have to be done just right. If I love the colors, then I will order a bigger bag.

    The green sounds amazing!!!! I am totally in with doing a bag in that color. I'd love to hold out a little longer and see what the new hobo looks like as that might be a possibility. Otherwise, a Hold Me, or Hug Me, or Love Me sounds promising in that color
  9. thanks for the fantastic reviews, and what a lovely day you've had! I already knew about it because I "follow" Jackie on Twitter...although did not know who was at the lunch and Thai dinner, just that it was a lot of fun.

    I'll have to check out the Balenciaga green to get an idea of the new BE green!! And I'm sooooo happy to hear such nice things about the pink since I've got the jobo coming in that!! I trusted that it would be pretty just based on that tiny square on the swatch pdf.

    Have fun in India!! I want to hear about that.
  10. I"m totally interested in something in green -ever since I sold my Sapin Bal City, I've been looking for another green bag - I'm kinda waiting on the new Hobo but also love the SM and the TME styles. Keep me posted for sure.
  11. Thank you, Bali! What a lucky gal you are to visit Jackie and those sumptuous leathers! I'm really excited about the tan and I hope a tan TMA Midi bespoke gets off the ground!

    India...Wow! Can I be with you for your journey?!
  12. Wow, exciting day and thanks for a wonderful review! It must have been great seeing first hand the leathers and spending time with Jackie.....and a sneak peek at a new design and color:P.
    Glad to hear the good review on the taupe gray, I'm feeling less anxious after reading this. It will be my first grey bag.
    Also, it's wonderful to know a new green color is coming along soon. I've wanted to write Jackie and ask about a more neutral green than the apple color. This is great news! Thanks Bali Girl! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
  13. Thanks Bali_Girl. Your info is really helpful. Especially for me because I am sooooo far away from everything and everyone. Are there any Belensitas in Ozland apart from me???

    I am definitely in on a green if that is a goer. Now I need to decide what colour I want in the WTM.
  14. How about Tan?????!!!!! :graucho:
  15. Love the review. I'm most intrigued by the pink and the aubergine now. And maybe the cobalt, but I'm going to need to see more pictures of that one.