BE Dark Chocolate Matte Bespoke STYLE options

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010 it is........let's choose a style and lining color.

    Hardware is flexible, but size & lining color are NOT.

    So.....without further adieu, let's have some fun selecting!!! :yahoo:

    Was thinking that once we decide upon a style, we can move onto choosing the lining color!
  2. For me, it's between the RM and the LM... I need to see my purple RM tomorrow to make a judgement call and vote!
  3. Ok fair enough.

    I hope no one thinks it impolite of me to slap 3 styles up there, but I thought I'd go with what's really popular and what most of us tend to purchase.

    I have heard that IF we are lucky enough to get this bespoke off the ground, there WILL be some extra leather left over for individual BEC's!

    So come on Ladies.....let's vote & get this bag made! My Birthday's next month!!!! :graucho:
  4. I am in for a full size Love Me depending on lining choices. I want RED!!! It looks FABULOUS with the chocolate brown and gold!;)
  5. So depending on what we choose here, I need to change what I already have in I vote for either a LM or a RM! But pressed the RM button..
  6. I went with the RM because I already have 3 LMs, and I don't like the fringed pockets on the TMA. Guess we'll wait and see what happens now!
  7. Moon, are you joining us on this bespoke?!!!!! :nuts: Yay!

    Well......looks as though we're tied so far!

    The ONLY reason I haven't put "new Spring Design" up in the choice selection is that it may be awhile yet before it's released & I wanted this to go ahead as soon as we can so that the leather can be ordered.

    And I think any "new" styles aside per se, the Matte Choco looks fab in some of the BE classics, no?
  8. These bag choices are a big large for me, but I voted for the RM.
  9. Why don't we add a "midi" size in the mix. I honestly meant to but forgot in excitement.

    I'm really trying to get BE to agree to offer us 2 different size options, but I'd be fine with a "midi"

    Shall I start another poll? Or simply add here if you're interested in a smaller size.
  10. hi Contessa , my preference is a TMA MIDI.

    I think it is a good idea to restart the poll with Midi option.
  11. I am out for any bag but a Love Me, but if I wasn't dead set on a Love Me as a diaper bag, I would totally think that a TMA midi would be AMAZING in this leather!!!
  12. Just so I can figure how much this might be to my budget, what would a TMA midi cost in this bespoke?
  13. I believe for the TMA midi it is $750 - 10% so . . . $675 total. The initial deposit is $180 and then the balance is due when the bag is ready to ship. Usually, with group bespokes everyone agrees on a ship date that might be a little bit after the initial deposit to give you some time to save.:biggrin:
  14. rock me!!!! with red lining and brass HW!!
  15. if there are 8 committed orders + deposits for individual bespokes with the choco matte, couldn't Jackie order the leather?