Be&D Stella Shoulder Bag 65% off @ NM

  1. gone.
  2. It's back again. Hurry up.
  3. Back again...
  4. not available
  5. OMG, the price drop to $199 now. I can't resist the lowest price I have ever seen. If you were me, which color you will choose?
    chocolate or slate blue?
  6. I got the slate blue about a week ago. It is gorgeous. It is like a tealish blue (not really slate). I fell in love the minute I saw it.
  7. I hope it goes available, I've been looking for a chocolate brown bag and that's gorgeous, with an unbelievable price!
  8. Back again - I have this color, it's much bluer than it looks, NM's picture is not a good representation of the true color....
  9. Guess what? Am I crazy? I just bought two, one of each color.
  10. :nuts:That's why its out of stock again!! Hoarding!!!:p
  11. But I got dark brown for $278, slate $199 differnt time though. Sorry..:p

    I know it's impossible to get the price adjustment. That's fine for me, since it's already really good price though.
  12. Please showcase the bags once you guys get them.
    I've always wanted to see how this particular tote looked on someone.

    Thanks! ;)