Be&D stella pictures - opinions?

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  1. I got this bag for a great price this weekend. I really think it will be very functional. I like the size and it's fairly structured and has outside pockets. The tag identifies the color as white but IRL it's more like an ivory or dirty white. I think the somewhat distressed look of it will make it more forgiving of dirt than a true white. But it's still a very light color. Does anyone have a Be&D bag with this leather in this color? Is it cleanable? Does color from clothing (e.g., jeans) come off on the bag?
    I'm torn as I think it's not going to be practical for someone who uses her bag frequently as I do but I think she would be very easy to get stuff in and out of.
    Any comments? Do you like the studs?

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  2. I have the same bag in saddle. I love the longer handles, and I think the studs are tastefully done. I think it looks great on you. If I were you, I would invest in some Apple Care leather conditioner; it really brought out the beauty of the leather on my bag. As for color transfer, that is likely to happen on most light bags whenever they come into contact with an extremely saturated fabric such as dark denim. It's a beauty; congrats!:tup:
  3. So pretty. I love BE & D.
  4. Gorgeous bag!! Although, I must confess...... I LOVE BE&D BAGS!!!! :nuts::love:
  5. Gorgeous, BE&D is fantastic. I got one of their emails for their spring line and it's all to die for! I love the ruffle bag.
  6. Thanks Bagatella....I would normally use the Apple protectant spray on a light colored bag like this one. I do have some of the Apple conditioner as well. Does the leather conditioner make the matte leather a bit more shiny? I wonder if the Apple Care would clean this bag if it gets dirty. It worked very well on a pair of light colored boots I have...but they are not as light as this bag and they are a different texture of leather.
  7. When I used the Apple Care conditioner on my bag, it did make it look a bit more shiny, which I thought made it look superb. I also have the Apple Care cleaner, which is a bit harsh as it can take the shine off some types of leather, but perhaps it harshness would soften a bit if the conditioner were applied afterward. Before you use the cleaner, I would test it in a hidden spot like a bottom corner of the bag.
  8. The bag looks really good on you. Nice size and the studs add alot to the bag. I'm sure the bag would be worth full price for it, but the fact that you got a really good deal on it, I think it's defintely a keeper!
  9. thanks for all of your kind comments
    Bagatella, I do have the Apple Care cleaner/conditioner. Maybe I'll try it on a small section and see what it does. The semi-matte finish on these bags is not my favorite if it makes the leather appear a bit shinier that might be a plus.

    I'd still love to hear from someone who has a white (or ivory) ;)stella or brando. Anyone? Thanks all
  10. I would have loved to have found that bag in white. I think it looks hot! From the pis you posted, it doesn't seem to have any dirty spots at all, so perhaps the Apple Care cleaner will work wonders!
  11. I love the bag! Be&D definitely one of my favorite young brands... sooo unique and beautiful!

  12. Sorry, I meant to write "pics" instead of "pis"...:shame: