Be & D sample sale

  1. [FONT=Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif]Attention, New Yorkers!

    Be & D
    's patent-leather hobos, braided belts, and satchels normally start at $500, but at the sale, the goods are from $50.
    When: 11/27 (9–7); 11/28 and 11/29 (10–6).
    Where: 35 W. 36th St., nr. Fifth Ave., tenth fl. (212-629-3242).[/FONT]
  2. Thank you for posting!!
  3. From $50?! Wow!:nuts:
  4. i can't wait. thanks for posting.

  5. Thanks for the post!! Has anyone heard from Rae Liu as to whether she is going to offer it to tpf members online??? When I wrote to her several weeks ago, her response led me to believe that she might just as she did this past summer.
  6. I would LOVE if they did something online! I love Be & D!
  7. Hi kbell...Aren't their bags awesome?? I have about four of them now and absolutely love them. Prior to their sample sale in late June, I wrote to them to inquire about online participation and was ecstatic when they agreed to it!! :tup: The Be&D Rep, Rae Liu, was so accommodating in that she mailed out a list of bags/prices to those interested. At that time I only purchased the Crawford Hobo, but as opposed to their retail price of about $1400, I paid only about $400. I contacted her within the last two weeks and she said that she would keep us posted. Their online store launches on December 1st. Have y seen their Charlize and Charlize Plush bags? I recently bought them at my local NM, but returned them as I had already bought a slew of bags and couldn't justify keeping them at over $1900 for two bags!! Hopefully, if we can buy from the sample sale, I will be able to repurchase them at a much lower price. The Charlize Plush is an amazing really need to see it IRL.

  8. "bag-dear".....I'll email Rae to see what's up.
    Also, give us the scoop of the Be&D bags that you purchased AND returned.....may be helpful to us to know your opinions about the bags that MAY be offered w/this sample sale.
    gobble gobble, babe!:p

    oops, just saw that you posted some info but babe....we need DETAILS!!!!
  9. I will definitely keep checking this thread! I really love my Mena - the leather is SO smushy & the suede lining is really some of the best I've seen/felt. I also had purchased & returned a HUGE black leather hobo from NM - the bag itself was awesome quality - really really THICK wonderful leather but it was too big - even with books for a work class & my laptop & other items! If it were a bit smaller I would have kept it. Even my husb was like - that is a GIANT bag, so I returned it.

  10. This one (black)is being delivered to me this morning. Hope I like it!!

    More of us may want to contact Rae at Be&D...perhaps that might encourage her to open the sale up to us.
  11. That is the one I returned! I was very conflicted over whether to keep it or not, but unfortunately was far to big for me. I wish they made that a little smaller - the quality on it really is fab!

    If you have her email I will send as well - I think I still have an email from Steve so I think I'll email him too.

  12. Morning sweetie!! How the heck are ya? I'm only online 'here and there' this week as I'm between houses due to family being in for the holiday. Early in the morning, I hurry back to this house to log onto the computer to check my email and ,.....OF COURSE ..The Forum!!! As for the descriptions...OMG...I'm terrible at describing things, unlike yourself. With your incredibly detailed and colorful descriptions, I don't even need a photograph as you paint a perfect visual! Being able to do that isn't something I do well...actually, I suck at it!! LOL!! And w/o having the bags here to look at I'm at a loss. When I have more time, I will try to do that for you as only one of those two bags is pictured on the Be&D website....the larger plush bag. On the website, it's an ivory color whereas mine was black. I really wanted to keep them, but I knew that I could get them for much much less if she lets us buy from this upcoming sale.
  13. kbell...I just received my Be&D O'Keefe bag from NM. Ewwww.....not me! I'm not sure whether this was the bag you bought or not, but this thing is huge and stiff...really heavy leather. I like big bags but not stiff ones! That's why I can't carry the Erotokritos Basquet that I bought. This is going back immediately!!
  14. I think it is the same one - normally for purses I like softer leather - when I got this bag though I wanted heavy stronger/hence stiffer leather to accomodate books & a laptop & pretty much a beating - totally fit the bill except for size. It really I think is one of the biggest bags I ever saw! Wasn't me either which is why I returned it too - I actually think it'd be a great 'man' bag for the guys who have a lot to tote. Sorry it's not working for you, but maybe you'll find something else if they let us in on the sample sale!

  15. Great!

    I thought it must be the same bag as soon as I opened the box! It would need to be considerably smaller for me to carry it! The leather is quite different from the other Be&D bags I've had and now have...not soft at all!