Be&D Sample sale prices - sale ends TOMORROW!

  1. Girls, I wrote Rae at Be&D to ask about some prices, here is what she sent me:
    You’ve gotten in touch with me just in time. I’m closing all order requests tomorrow. Here is general list of prices, as well as what we have for the bags you requested:

    General pricelist. All sales are final.

    Garbo $275
    Crawford $425
    Crawford cruise $350
    Dietrich $450
    Ava citi $400
    Benatar $425
    Stella $300
    Greta $225
    O’keefe $400
    Tuxedo $650

    For dietrichs, I have:
    -chocolate with satin nickel hardware
    -black with satin nickel hardware
    -black with satin brass hardware
    -wine and burnt orange

    for brandos, I have:
    -white (it’s more an off-white)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    Good luck ladies, some great prices, but again, sale closes tomorrow!