1. I was sooo excited after returning home from running errands and logging on to check my email messages. Today, I received the one that I have most been waiting for. Yes...the response from Be&D to my inquiry about the possibility of purchasing online. I am posting the email for you to read, and I hope that everyone interested will immediately respond to it. How nice of Rae Liu to respond so quickly and in such a positive manner. God....I am sooo excited!!( sorry to repeat myself):party:

  2. This is great news! Thanks for asking, and posting about it! Now I just need to decide which bags I want :yahoo:
  3. bagachondriac -
    I am assuming they mean this coming Monday, June 25th? Hmmm - the sample sale starts today and if they want our "wish list" by this later date, then I am assuming that they will consider our request after their public sale is over. I suppose I should just be grateful that you are even doing this....yes? Okay - I'm in a better mood now....think happy thoughts and maybe we'll get some great bags!
  4. I only want one...possibly two at the most (depending on the price, of course), but I listed seven bags since I have no idea what's for sale or available. In all my excitement, I forgot that the sale started today!! There may not be any left for us, but perhaps next time they will offer it as an online sample sale from the get-go. If I don't get one this time, at least I won't have spent any money!!! I guess that's my positive spin on it. We need to start communicating to the other designers that they too should make the sales available online. Maybe if enough of us do that, we will be successful. After all, there is power in numbers!!