Be&D Online Sample Sale Update

  1. In the event anyone is still interested, I just received this email from Rae at Be&D......

  2. Yup - got the same email....I'll post when things progress....thanks for sharing!
  3. You're welcome. I'm not certain that I want anything now....guess I waited so long that my enthusiasm wore thin! Besides that, I bought other bags from all these other sales, so I'm not certain that my budget can stand it!! I'll have to wait and see what they offer and at what price.
  4. Update:
    I received a lengthy email last night from Rae of Be&D detailing to me what was available relative to my "wish list" and unfortunately, the smaller size versions of the bags on my list were not available, but she gave me alternatives based on my color preferences and style. She then told me about another bag that might fit the bill (so to speak) - a red Ingrid. It wasn't on my list, but it was a smaller bag and it was red and being a press sample, the price was awesome (a true sample sale at $225). She sent me pictures of the bag for my review. She also detailed prices of bags that were available. (FYI...this is the small Ingrid, not the big one that some of you may have seen on the Liv Tyler threads)

    Let me tell you, her correspondance has been top notch and I have been in contact with her several times today with questions, etc. Needless to say, her commitment to superior customer service is quite evident and Be & D should be just thrilled to have her as part of their team.

    I'm so looking forward to my "red bag" and with that....I am now :banned:.....from further purchases for L O N G time, UGH!
    Be & D Red Ingrid.jpg
  5. Thanks for the updates!! You ladies are really on top of things!

  6. DCBlam,

    I love the small version of the Ingrid. Congratulations! Do you know if they had that in black as well? Thanks.
  7. Thanks SO much for letting us know.
    PLEASE do share if there are any new developments for any potenital on-line items for sale!

    Take care everyone!
  8. Boy....that was FAST!
    My red Ingrid is here and boy, do I love it!
    The size is just right....most of the bags that I have recently purchased have been on the bigger size (for me) and this size is smaller, but just's not overpowering and will fit all my stuff without looking like there's nothing inside!
    The leather is soft, but not without form. You can really see the character of the leather - it is not smooth (hopefully, you can tell from the photo).
    The hardware on the side are functional, you can detach the hooks if you want to make the bag a bit bigger, but think this is really an aside. All quality hardware.
    The zippers work well - easy to get in and out of the bag.
    There's a cell pocket inside and a zippered compartment. The lining is bengaline (fabric) that is black.
    There are small feet on the bottom of the bag, similar in size to the studs on the side of the bag.
    It smells good - even though this was a press sample and I am sure that it's been out there for a bit.
    The straps are braided, very soft.
    The only place where you see Be&D are on the side can barely see them.
    In my brief expericence, I have seen few bags out there that are of this size - the 'tween size. It's great.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    PS - sorry for the pink outfit, not the best choice to highlight the red....and to give you a better perspective, I'm 4'11" and weight around 112.
  9. wow that was fast!! I have received several emails from Rae as well. She is fabulous. I am interested in the Crawford and they have many priced around $425.
  10. I just got an email update from Rae. Orders for the sample sale need to be placed by tomorrow.

  11. So TPFers, am I the only one who ordered a bag from this sample sale?
    Would love to know if others have found something on their wish list and pics's such a joy to see others with their "finds"....Thanks:smile:
  12. I am going to give Rae a call. I am not a red bag girl and hoping they have other colors. Could you give me Be&D's phone number?

  13. dcblam - I ordered also (and Rae is awesome to deal with! So nice and very, very patient). I got the Stella in concrete (I have it in black and, for some reason, absolutely adore that bag)and the Ava Citi in purple. I'm hoping the Citi is big enough; I have a regular Ava which is beautiful but too small for me.

    Am loving the pictures of the Ingrid you got and am looking for something in red. It wasn't on the list of available bags she sent me, but maybe if I call her back....

    Anyway, ladies, thanks for the tip! I think I'm paying less for both bags together than I did for my Ava alone!
  14. Oh, and Rae's telephone number is 212-629-3242.
  15. donnadonna -
    great to hear that you're happy with what you's a good thing that we all have different needs cuz I was looking for a regular sized Ava since the Citi would be too big for me! All the bags on my wish list were not available and I wanted something in red and voila - she served up the Ingrid in red and mentioned that is was a press sample and of a size that is small-ish.....
    Funny how things just work out some times....would LOVE to see a pic of the Stella....I was toying with that one too! Let me know how you like your purple Citi!