Be & D it!

  1. I randomly landed on Purseblog while searching for a gift for my sister. I think I found a site where I belong. J

    As my contribution to this wonderful site I want everyone to see this striking crimson python clutch by Be & D. I think it's stunning. The luxury that this clutch evokes is breathtaking. Exotic python skin studded with tarnished metal, what a great combination eh!

    [​IMG] $3,200 US.
  2. Looks nice. I wonder if it holds its shape well.
  3. It looks great in the pic...but I really couldnt imagine using it....
  4. I love BE & D. And did you know they do custom work too w/ some of their bags (garbo)??? I have a turquoise garbo satchel from them in deerskin leather. Used it everyday last summer and it still looks in excellent condition. The quality is great!
  5. Love Be&D - One of my first really expensive bags (which has a prominent place in my collection) is my Crawford Cruise in black with that wonderful gigantic strap in a pinkish gold - the workmanship is as good as it gets!
  6. I like the Be&D belt bag, but I'm not in love with this one.
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