Be & D is dreamy!!!!

  1. Does anyone else own a Be & D? I just bought my first one after feelin' one up in Neiman Marcus last weekend!!

    It's absolutely the most delicious leather ever!! I thought my Chloe' was nice leather, but this.......... This is so buttery soft!! And I LOVE THE COLOR!!

    Does anyone have any brand history or information about the line?

    Be & D.jpg
  2. Congrats on your new bag!

    I have the Crawford hobo from Be&D. I got it from NM for a really good price, but I'm thinking about returning it cause it's so big. The only thing that's stopping me is the leather - sooo soft and squishy!

    I think the brand is a few (2 - 4?) years old, but that's about all I know.

    Like you said though, the leather is absolutely delicious!
  3. maedchen, did you get the white or the metallic grey one? since the grey one i wanted ran out so i recommended the white to my friend and she bought it! she loves it for the color, leather (i mean, it's deerskin!!), metallic studded strap and the great workmanship. however you're right, it is a HUGE bag. it would've been too big for me anyway, i'm only 5'3". :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info!! Can I see pics of yours?? Don't take it back!! Or if you do, trade it in for another style.
    If mine was a human, I'd get arrested for sexual assualt cuz I grope it so much!
  5. luv the color!
  6. Here is some info about the creators of this line of bags!:yes:

    Be&D are Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain of Greenpoint Brooklyn. They created the prototype for their first handbag at their kitchen table, with one of Dumain's vintage finds for inspiration and creative energy to burn. They kept burning, right up the learning curve, and less than nine months later the result is a dynamic synergy of haute luxury and street smarts that propelled their first collection to one of the most auspicious designer debuts in recent history.
    The handbags, all named for the confident, stylish women who Inthavong and Dumain admire, are characterized by exhaustively sourced materials - the softest leathers from Norway and Italy - combined with distinctive punk-inflected hardware and catchy design riffs like nail head studding on a vintage-inspired shape. The overall effect is one Dumain likes to describe as "renegade luxury." The designers keep this luxury local to Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship - they manufacture their pieces in New Yor York and New Jersey.
    The two share an important trait that helped take them from a fortuitous find to a successful design business in less than a year - both are the product of entrepreneur parents, whose example encouraged them to take a risk on a moment of inspiration, and on themselves. The other 99% is perspiration, of course, and their loft, which still serves as their home, studio and command center, filled with swatches and samples and sheaves of sketches. Among the colors and shapes and infininite possibilities, one thing remains constant, and that is the measure of their work: "Every piece we make, we look at and ask, will someone's great granddaughter take this out of her closet one day and be excited to carry it?"
  7. i love your new bag!! stunning color
  8. Congrats! it's lovely =)
  9. JNH14..thanks for the info!! ANd now that you mention it, I guess it was Saks that I felt these bad boys up in!
    Thanks everyone else for the props! I love the color as well and have noticed that they come in pink and purple, too! Plus the white one's are nice as well. I even like the velvet ones they have.
  10. Pretty bag!
  11. I have the exact same bag in the same color combo --- bought it 2 years ago at Bergdorfs!! It gets compliments everywhere. A lot of people tend to think the hardware is too much, but it realllllly is very easy to wear -- it goes w/ everything. The leather is deerskin and if anything goes wrong, u can ship it to the headquarters in nyc (they'll repair it for you). I have a clutch in gunmetal and another garbo in beige. Congratulations!!
  12. Super! I didn't know those things about it. I also get so many compliments on mine!! More than ANY other bag I own! Even the girl in PetSmart said something today. I am afraid I may never carry another bag again........Oh the pain!:wtf:
  13. I got the grey one. I love the color cause it'll go with everything, but I'm 5'4'', so yeah, it looks huge on me! I think I'll end up keeping it cause I'm in love with the leather, and it's really comfy to wear. :yes:
  14. OMG, i rocked mine soooo much over the whole summer... it's amazing how much it goes with. It's pretty durable too, i am not super careful w/ it.

    Girl, you're on tPF... there will be another bag that you'll carry eventually :p It's very easy to get enabled.

  15. hehe...yeah, you're right! I think maybe I was trying to convince myself. However, I've carried it for almost a week and still rub up on it. But I did make a new purchase today of a cute little pink Rafe number! When will it end?