Be & D Handbags - where to find them?

  1. I am looking for the Be & D Mena bag in Whiskey


    I really like the looks of this bag and would like to find what online retailer sells them. Thanks! :tup:
  2. I don't know about this particular bag but Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfgoodman and Saks websites has Be & D (sale & regular price).
  3. I got mine at Neimans on sale this yr b4 they were gone.
    They had it on Begdorfs site too - but they're pretty much synonymous.
    I haven't seen it anywhere else. If I do - I'll let you know!
  4. I was just very disappointed by a Be&D I ordered from's a woven Garbo came smashed flat in the box with hardly any stuffing, a super cheap throwaway dustbag with no logo, and get this...the Be&D nameplate inside the bag is UPSIDE DOWN!!! And this bag retails for $1380??? I think not. (Thankfully I got on sale, but I'm returning it ASAP) :tdown: