Be&D handbags - celeb pics

  1. I've recently become enamored with Be&D handbags. I bought two of the garbos that were recently on sale at Bergdorf Goodman's website. I absolutely love them. They are such a departure from the style I usually go for. I have never bought bags with excessive studs, rivets, etc all over them. But for some reason, I adore these bags!! My friends tease me that they are my S & M bags. LOL :p

    Anyway, I've read that Be&D bags have a decent celeb following. I decided to search the web for pics and found some. Hope you enjoy and feel free to add to this thread if you share my love of this brand or find more celeb pics!! Also, I don't know all the style names yet very well so feel free to add them if you do!

    Elle McPherson


    Haylie Duff and Brittney Gastineau


    Hilary Duff w/ a glance of Garbo Satchel (on shoulder):


    Britney Spears w/ Garbo


    Another of Britney w/ Ava bag

    elle.JPG haylie-brittney.JPG hilary.JPG britney1.JPG britney2.JPG
  2. Charlize Theron


    Lindsay Lohan:

  3. These I couldn't copy & paste because they're too big. I just saved them as attachments.

    Lindsay Lohan with the same bag in the previous post and Beyonce w/ the Ava bag
    lindsay2.JPG beyonce.JPG
  4. And these two people, I don't know who they are but I love their bags. I think one of them is a footballers' wife but I'm not sure.
    footballers' wives.JPG satchel1.JPG
  5. i think the bag on the left is the Balenciaga fiant brief. it is real beautiful.
  6. those are the Crawford bags in gold and in sand. they're very pretty! :smile:
  7. Ahhhh so cute!
  8. Bumping this thread with a new celeb pic...

    Tori Spelling

  9. I'm determined to keep this thread alive...LOL:p

    I'm trying to find bigger, clearer versions of these pics but for now, here's a magazine scan showing Tyra Banks, Penelope Cruz and Mena Suvari with Be&D garbos.

    various be&d.JPG
  10. I don't mind studs.....I just do not like that BS picture at all!....whatever she was carrying........
  11. ^^At least she's not bald in those pics. :p
  12. I'm a fan of their tuxedo bag for some reason. If I had an extra $1200 to blow, that's where it would go. :smile:
  13. Singer Monica w/ Greta clutch:love: I love all the gorgeous colors these come in!


    monica.JPG clutches.JPG
  14. Updating this thread with two pics that were recently posted on a Liv Tyler thread. Thanks to lovemyangels who originally posted them!


    Liv1.JPG liv2.JPG
  15. Is that the Be&D Ingrid bag that Liv Tyler is carrying? Does anyone know if it comes in more than one size?