Be & D Handbags, Any Thoughts?

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  1. Anyone own Be & D handbags? I am thinking about buying one based on pics online. I have seen this brand in magazines and really like the styles. Just wondering what others think of this brand? TIA!
  2. Which one are you thinking about getting? I bought a Be&D Stella a while ago from NM, returned it, and recently rebought it....I didn't like the super smooth leather at first but now I really love it, and it fits very comfortably over my shoulder.
  3. Indeed - what bag interests you?
    Some are pretty heavy (like the fully studded/chained Bond or the Deitrich - look at Rondafaye post on her Deitrich) and I have a flocked Garbo and find that it's not too heavy.
    On the other hand, I have an Ingrid that has the nicest leather - full of grains and character and that one is light.
    All in all, IMO, they are quality bags and I'm kinda glad that it's not so popular cuz carrying the "popular bags" are not my thing. I could go into further details, but I'll spare you until you tell me you want the nitty gritty!
    Try a search with the Be&D together w/o any space and maybe you'll come up my further posts.....
  4. They're very nice bags - well made and beautiful.

    I have a stella, and love it. I've looked at a few others, and they are very high quality.
  5. I love my Deitrich, even though it's somewhat heavy. And the fully chained one -- gorgeous. There's one on EBay now, but it seems small at 9 by 9.
  6. Thanks for all the input. I'm not sure of the style, it is ruffled with a shoulder strap. Similar to the Kan Kan. I need to look up the styles mentioned above. Thanks again!
  7. I purchased a white Stella yesterday at Loehmanns. It's really more of an ivory color but tag says white. Does anyone have this color? I'm on the fence as to whether to keep this one. I was not looking for a bag but can't help looking to see what they have and when I was getting ready to leave the store I spotted this one. Couldn't resist the $800 value for $200. I like the size and the outside pockets. The detachable strap, I think, is a bit too big or long. When you're not using it, to me it's very I'd probably just leave off most of the time. The leather is kind of different. Not really soft. It has a bit of wrinkling from being handled in the store. How does it age?
    I guess two things making me hesitate---I don't usually do well with impulse buys. I'm usually an OCD stalker of items I want. Two, DH saw the bag and does not like it. He thinks my Kooba blonde Meredith is much nicer and that this bag is going to replace it. He has a point in that I'm not a big bag switcher. I've been carrying brown Gryson Olivia almost every day since I bought her (six months ago? ). And I've used Meredith very little. So comments from anyone who has this bag, especially if you have it in white or off white color? Thanks
  8. sdkitty -
    my comments on whether to keep or not is totally unrelated to the Stella - it could be about any bag that you are "on the fence".....don't keep it. Listen to your gut. If you are not a bag-switcher, than that tells you something. I have another off-white bag that I adore and love, but I seldom carry her because of the color.
    We are all too often influenced by a "bargain"....but if you're not going to get use out of her, than she really isn't a bargain.
    As an aside, Be&D bags are gorgeous and should stand up to long use, esp. the leather on the Stella.
    Good luck
  9. Thanks for the reply DCBlam. You're probably right....this bag will probably go back to the store but not without more agonizing first. I really like the size and the fact that it's structured enough to where your stuff stays neatly organized inside...and the outside pockets. On the other side of the coin is as you pointed out, this color is not going to be able to take as much of a beating as a darker color. And are the studs a bit passe? I notice Be&D doesn't seem to be doing studs on their new bags. I'd love to hear from anyone who has one of these bags in the white or ivory color. It seems like the color has a somewhat distressed look to it so that dirt won't show as much because it's not pristeen white to being with (if that makes any sense)