Be & D handbag knock offs?

  1. Hello! I love Be & D handbags and wondered if they get knocked-off like other designer handbags. Any worries?
  2. Pretty much everything is counterfeited these days, so it's totally possible that there are fake Be & D bags out there. I have no idea how you would go about authenticating Be & D, though.
  3. Usually if a brand is faked, it will show up on a google search. I usually search the brand and the name of the purse. If you see anything pop up on I-Offer or Trade Key, those are fakes. I haven't really come across any BE & D fakes. If there are, I would say only the popular styles (like the Crawford) are faked.
  4. I saw a fake Crawford -really- early on... I don't know if it was labeled Be & D (there's no name or logo on the outside of their bags), but it was the exact design with super-cheap looking materials.