Be & D Garbo Satchel Vs. Stella shoulder bag

  1. I personally don't own any Be & Ds, but I definitely adore their bags. These two bags are both on sale at Bergdorf Goodman, but I can't decide which one I like more...the Garbo is classic of Be & D but the Stella is nice too. I like both and I want them all! But unfortunately that's not going to happen...So please help! If you have one of these bags or maybe both, please provide me some info, thanks in advance everyone!

    the Garbo satchel:

    Stella shoulder bag:
  2. Right up my alley, since I'm debating about getting the Stella cuz I have a Garbo (Floral Flocking, suede texture) and just luv it and think the leather on the Stellas are great!

    Be sure to call BG and ask for the dimensions of the Garbo - Be&D made some Garbos that were bigger than the norm (like 18" wide or so) so be sure of the size.

    Garbo: classic satchel look. The color is great, a saturated red. Truly top quality. You can really stuff this bag, or not - it looks great both ways. This bag holds a lot and is wider (depth) than the Stella. Can be worn over the shoulder without any problems, but sometimes one of the shoulder staps comes down. Not designed to be a "true" shoulder bag. Interior is black bengaline (sp) material (like a ribbed grosgrain) - sometimes it's hard to find stuff cuz of the black. One zip pocket and another open one for cell/PDA, etc.

    Stella: sturdy leather - will look better and better over the years and not to worry about scratches, it will enhance the look. Multi-purse....with the strap, it can really be a long shoulder bag OR you can ditch the straps and hand carry or shoulder carry cuz the handle drop is longer than the Garbo. More organization with this bag - the two flaps in the front, on the back there is a zippered compartment (similar to the design of the Ingrid). Can't remember the inside compartments. I think this bag is easier to get in/out of. It has more structure - and isn't as wide as the Garbo. Just screams quality.
    The size is not overwhelming and I would consider this a medium sized bag.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Oops, just realized that the Garbo is only in Cream....I've not seen this color but have all confidence that it's just beautiful.

    Here are photos of the Garbo, one not so stuffed the other stuffed to give you an idea of the "look". Hope it helps.

    I suppose the bottom line is - what sings to your heart more? Also, IMO, the Garbo can be a "dressier" bag whereas the Stella can be more rugged......

    Let me know your choice - and am living vicariously through you!
    CIMG1989.JPG CIMG1986.JPG
  4. Thanks dcblam for all your info! It sure helps and I appreciate it. Not that many ppl even know about BE&D so it's exciting when someone knows so much about it! I definitely like the Garbo more but I wanted in red...still debating if i want it since it's only in cream....:confused1: