Be&D garbo owners?

  1. If you are the owner of Be&D garbo, please give me your feedback!

    I think the bag is cute but I cannot decide to buy it. It's kind of expensive...:sad:

    Do you like your bag? Is leather nice? What color do you have and how much did you spend?
    I'm also looking at their velvet one but this is just a fabric, right? looks nice though. Should I go for leather or fabric?

    BTW, I own Ava city and I love it. I'm thinking of buying crawford and garbo also:P
  2. does any one have any opinion, please? :crybaby:
  3. I love mines!!!! my mom and my cousin all have one..!!! What color are you getting? I think that's the factor.

    PLUS, if there's anything wrong w/ it, BE&D will fix it for you regardless of where you got it.

    I got a turquoise Garbo, my mom has a beige one, and my cousin has a dark brown one.

    We all use ours all the time.. but not around each other :lol:

    I wanted to get a lilac one and a green one too, but never got around to it.

    I'd get a leather one. Because the leather is nice.... and durable.. .I am not careful w/ it at all. In fact, last year I used mine for 3 - 4 months in heavy rotation... you wouldn't be able to tell.

    I like the canvas garbo too, but not the velvet in the garbo style.
  4. D & G rockstar,
    Thank you for your posting! Wow, you guys have all the color I wanted!!! I was thinking about gold or baige one but I have Ava citi in gold so probably i'll go for different color. I was thinking getting turquoise garbo cuz it looked so cute! It will be good in dark winter. Also I thought about brown one too... pink one looked cute but it was too sweet for me.
    I cannot decide turquoise or brown:angel:

    Hope you can get the color you want:yes:
  5. I think it depends on your style. The beige/brown is really nice, especially if you don't have a beige bag already.. but if you do, I'd go for the turquoise... i wear it ALL the time. It really goes w/ everything and it's very eye catching.

    Let me know which one you get and also post pictures. :P
  6. I ordered the cognac one from the Saks sale and the leather is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!! It's so soft and scrumptious. But, with the combination of the million gold studs, it was too blingy on me and i just couldn't get it to work. I also ordered the gold one with the brass studs and I like that one and am keeping it. The leather is totally different, not neeearly as nice, but overall it works better for me.
  7. >Glimmer

    I checked the before but they didn't have any garbo left already. Now there aren't any sale going on so if I want to buy it, I have to pay $700~800:crybaby:
    but I still want it...
    I want the one is blight color(Gold. beige, blue,white) and dark color( brown or black)

    If anybody know the websites sell garbo on sale, please let me know!
  8. you can try maybe ebay.. but be careful, there are a lot of fakes on there, but some real ones too.

    Intermix has some on sale but its not in the online store, i forgot what colors. for contact info.
  9. ok here are some auctions that appear to be legit, i would ask for more pics though :P:


    eBay: NWT BE & D Gold Studded Garbo Satchel Handbag $895 (item 180016480824 end time Aug-16-06 11:21:39 PDT)

    eBay: BE & D SHOULDER BAG BNWT (item 320015733638 end time Aug-16-06 13:28:58 PDT)

    eBay: NWT BE & D Gold Studded Lrg Garbo Satchel Handbag $990 (item 180017601962 end time Aug-19-06 12:33:56 PDT)

    brown velvet--- no more pics needed for this one:

    eBay: NEW BE & D VELVET STUDDED SATCHEL, HANDBAG, $ 795.00 (item 120020792011 end time Aug-22-06 06:31:26 PDT)

    good luck in finding the one you want. The brown velvet one is a good deal... they went on sale a long, long time ago too so the price appears to be decent.
  10. Thanks for your help, D & G rockstar!!!
    I did ask intermix and they told me that they already sold out everything in store and online.

    I'll check ebay or other website as well.
    I don't really like buying from ebay since there are lots of fake... it's hard to find the real one:Push:
  11. The brown velvet one looks legit to me. The seller provides a lot of pictures that scream signature BE &D... and i remember seeing this one in person too.

    Feedback for the sellers are excellent. Plus, you can always post the question on the authenticity thread.

    Good luck!
  12. Hi! I love the Crawford and actually have two, one in chocolate brown and one in the smoke (silvery grey). I love this style more and think it will go farther than the garbo with studs all over the bag.
  13. I actually bought a crawford in brandy color but returned it. I just didn't like the color on the big strap. But I really loved the bag (leather) and quality so I am trying to buy a crawford in dark color in addition to garbo!
    I think Be&D is treandy and expensive but i love it:heart:
  14. Hi. Take a look at:
    www. girldujour. com : they have purple, vanilla, and camel/black, $608 on sale.

    www. jcmadison. com: they have wine leather and chocolate velvet, both on sale

    www. Saks. com: they have gold/cognac they have white/platinum and gold/cognac they have ivory and sand on sale for $595

    Karizma Boutique they have quince

    Neiman Marcus Online they have several colors.

    Hope this helps. I like the Garbo too, but I REALLY LOVE the BE&D Dietrich..this is it below, what do you all think?

  15. Majorca, two things I forgot to mention:
    BE&D : Handbags is the official website, you can see all the upcoming styles for fall there too.
    It looks like they will be opening an online shop at some point.

    Also, if you click on LOCATIONS and then on the area of the map you are in, they list stores all over where you can go or call to see if they have what you want.

    Good luck!