BE&D Garbo Handbag

  1. Does anyone here own a Be&D Garbo bag?
    I just won one in eBay.
    I saw Be&D bags in Loehmann's on Sat and could not believe how soft they were, I knew I had to have one.

    I keep looking for any posts with Be&D and can not find any.

    Are they known? Any lovers here at the forum?
  2. I found a few posts on this furm but you have to type in beandd.
    I just bought the Be & D Mena Satchel from Neimans. I can not wait to get it! I am so sick of seeing the same old same old......
  3. Did you get the handbag? Please post pics!
  4. Hi Duranie - I did get it! That's a pix of it in my avatar - I tried to post several times but no matter how much I reduce the size it keeps saying my pix are too big - I took with a 7mp camera. Will try again with my cell I guess. That's 2mp - hopefully those will fit. Not sure why pix was OK for my avatar though....

    I absolutely LOVE the bag. The leather is fabulous - thick but smooshy.
    I hope they expand to smaller accesories because I would absolutely buy a wallet, wristlet, etc. I got this bag @ 40% off but IMO is worth every penny of the full retail.

    Trying with my cell now...... I'll hopefully be posting the pix next!
  5. I love Be&D bags. I fell in love with their west satchel :love:. [​IMG]

    I like the Mena in ^^^ kbell's avatar, very pretty :flowers:. I've been thinking of getting another Be&D, but, they are all so pretty!!!:graucho: :confused1: :p
  6. Ok - cell takes horrid pix....... I've tried resizing but still is too big to meet standards without distorting pix. I think my camera can reduce the MPs - I'll try that.......

    Am I the only one with pix problems? It may take a while for me to figure this out, but I'm trying!
  7. I got it! Here's some pix:
    DSC00735.JPG DSC00736.JPG DSC00738.JPG DSC00739.JPG DSC00741.JPG
  8. A couple more - one of the hangtag locket open, other is the back of purse.
    DSC00740.JPG DSC00737.JPG
  9. kbell -
    Thanks for posting such fab pics...and congrats for figuring out how to post 'em....believe me, I know what a challenge it is to figure how how to get photos posted!
    Looks like a wunnerful bag (yummy leather and great details) and am also a fan of Be&D. The quality is just great and think they deserve lots of respect. :tup: Enjoy:yahoo:
  10. Here's a pic (although not a good one) of my Garbo :biggrin:
  11. I had a Be&D bag. It was a really nice bag - even for full retail price. The leather was soft and right feeling, great hardware, suede lining, etc. I have no complaints about the quality of the bag. I returned it because the particular bag didn't work for me but I liked it so much I just ordered another Be&D bag in another style that works for me better.
  12. Great pics kbell, thanks for sharing. When my Garbo comes, I'll post pics.
  13. Wow, talk about amazing customer service, I wrote to Be&D about a missing stud and I was sent an email to mail them the bag and they will fix it. I sent it today.
  14. Wow....great customer service.
    Duranie - here's my Garbo, called Floral Flocking, almost feels like suede. It's one kewl bag.
  15. That is awesome! Good to know! I emailed them before with questions on a bag and they answered right away.