BE&D Garbo Chain - Anyone has one?

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  1. I am searching for a new smallest bag. I am just carrying too much in my everyday bags, they are always big and heavy. Nothing really grab me until I saw this grey (kinda of looking for a grey bag) BE&D Garbo Chain. Unfortunately, the picture is not showing up on the BE&D website except on the opening page "Autume/Winter 2007 collection". I would love to see more pictures of it before buying it online.

    What do you think of this bag? Does anyone have it? Could you please share some modeling pictures?

  2. I love the purse. I don't have any BE&D but I hear the silver quilted bag calling my name.
  3. The Deanna quilted Hobo? I love that one too, the grey one to be precise. But it looks huge. Are there two sizes? I saw 2 different pictures on their website, it seems that there are 2 sizes.
    I don't have any Be&D but hopefully it will be my first...if I manage to figure out how to find one in Canada. Any clue, ladies?