Be & D First Ever Sample Sale!!!

  1. Be & D is pleased to invite you to our first ever sample sale.

    Thursday 6/21-Friday 6/22, 10am-7pm
    Saturday 6/23, 10am-5pm

    @ The Jonathan Shorr Gallery
    109 Crosby St. b/w Houston and Prince in Soho
    New York, NY

    50% To 80% Off Handbags And Leather Accessories
    Cash And All Major Credit Cards Accepted
    For Information Please Contact 212 629-3242
  2. Is anyone planning to go to this? If you do, can you please post a full report? Thanks in advance!!!!!!:yes:
  3. :drool: I love Be&D. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country! :cry:
  4. thanks for posting. i hope items from the spring
    line are part of the sale.
  5. It's a long shot, however I have written to Be&D asking if this sale could be made available by phone/email/online for members of tPF!! Nothing ventured..nothing gained, I always say. Wouldn't it be great if they agreed to allow purchases in that manner?!?!
  6. Thanks for looking out for us!:yes:
  7. You are quite welcome. I never order anything from a new site without first writing to inquire about promotional codes or the possibility of their matching another boutique's discount. Sometimes they respond in a positive manner, and sometimes they offer something less. But, if I don't at least ask, then I end up paying more than I possibly would have had I not taken that extra step. On the occasions that a store/boutique has offered a worthwhile discount, then I post it immediately. It's more fun this way!! LOL!!
  8. Good idea bagachondriac!! Let us know what they reply.
  9. Thus response, but hopefully I will hear from them soon. Perhaps someone else may want to email them as well. It couldn't hurt!! The individual whom I emailed is Rea Liu (
  10. ^^I'll send an e-mail too!! You're right, it can't hurt!
  11. Any report/feedback on this sample sale? I also tried to get them to accept phone orders, got one correspondance from them, but no follow-up......thanks!
  12. Hi dcblam...I just started a new thread as I was afraid that if I posted to this one, not everyone would read it. It was a positive response, so please read it and email them right away with your preferences.
  13. Did anyone go to this sale today? I'm not sure if i should go.....Please let me know the price ranges and what type of bags they had! Thanks!:biggrin:
  14. I would like to know, too!
  15. I was there this afternoon. They have probably about 10 different styles but of different color (satchels, shoulder bags,clutches) ranging from $200-500. The small ones cost about $185-200, Medium ones cost about $300-400. Big ones cost about $400-500.

    They also have belts not too many selections though.

    If you pay cash, no tax.