Be & D Crawford vs. Gucci Horsebit Hobo

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  1. i need a good, black, everyday bag - there's no denying it any longer! so, i like both of these (i'm sure you're all familiar w/ them but i thought i post pics for your viewing pleasure anyhow):


    Be & D Crawford Hobo, $995


    Gucci Large Horsebit hobo, $1425


    i am also thinking about it's smaller twin at $995

    what would you pick? they're largely the same size, and the Be & D and the smaller gucci are more reasonable for me right now, since i've got my paddy bill to pay and there are several other bags i'd also like to aquire. i'd love to have a gucci horsebit, though...but the Be & D is also quite nice...thoughts? opinions? encouragement? anyone know of a good 12 step program?
  2. do we even NEED to compare these 2 ? Horsebit hands down!!!!!!!!
  3. I have to say that I like both equally. I did purchase this Be and D tote in purple, this was like forever ago before NM carried them- I bought it at Kitson in LA. I have to say it is so nice. The leather is so soft and it is a nice designer too- more trendy than compared to the classic Gucci. I used mine as a beach bag. It is very big and very big on, but I like it for something different. But Gucci is so nice too, tough choice. And Amanda I am so glad you finally ordered a Chloe- where did you order from?
  4. i ended up ordering from because i wanted the mousse color - i can't wait!
  5. I am so glad you finally stopped debating over which bag to get, I know it was a big issue for you. You will be happy with your paddington- and the color choice is great, more unique than the others, though I love my Ivory. Please please post pics when you get it! Happy New Years to you and everyone.
  6. definately the gucci!!! and congrats on the paddy amanda :biggrin:
  7. I'd go with the Gucci, although I really like the B&D leather too :biggrin:
  8. The Gucci for sure! If you can hand pick it for the best Leather so much for the better.
  9. OK, I will go against the grain and vote for the Be&D. It looks so lovely and slouchy and just perfect for that essential everyday bag. I've never checked out the horsebit hobo in person, but I don't know how that strap business works (call me sheltered:shame: ) But for the everyday school/work/errands, that Be&D is so versatile and lovely--and their leather is awesome&yummy!
  10. Gucci all the way.. I don't really like the studs on the handles of the Be & D.. the look may not be a lasting fad.
  11. i say one of the gucci's, the big one is really huge, so that just depends on your size preference.
  12. Personally, (no offense to Gucci girls) but I'm not a huge fan of Gucci bags. I recently bought a tote that I love but as far as handbags, they are a little too stiff and structured for me. I have the BE&D Garbo bag and I just love it. It's soft and yummy and out of all my handbags, it's the one I get the most compliments on. I see you already ordered the Gucci so don't forget to post pics! If you get a new bag in the future, I recommend the BE&D for sure.

    Have fun with your new bag! Fun!!

    P.S. I never met a Gucci wallet that I didn't like ;)
  13. I actually like all of these, that B E &D is really pretty! You can always use more than one good black bag so you could always get the BE&D first and the Gucci later perhaps?
    Saks on line also has a really pretty Miu Miu with a braided strap, it comes in camel and black and is a great price. Let us know what you choose!
  14. The Be and D looks softer and like it would feel better on the shoulder.