BE&D crawford, got two on the way!

  1. I have got two Crawfords on their way to me, a tan coloured woven large one and a chocolate deerskin smaller one, just wondering is the woven on deerskin? Also, I read loads how delicate deerskin is, is that because it scratches easily or stainsif it gets wet? Also we should all post 'in action' shots of our bags!:flowers:
  2. congratulations!!!
  3. I am jealous .. I mean envious... no, jealous was right!!! Hope you enjoy them! Show us pix when they arrive!
  4. I have one Crawford in moss green that I purchased in July during the sample this style! The leather is ultra soft and easily scratched IMO, so I'm careful when and where I carry it! In addition to this one, I have three other Be&D bags that are just as beautiful. Trust're going to love this bag..can't wait to see pics.:tup:

  5. That's a gorgeous colour! It looks so smooshy! Does it scratch really easily?

  6. I've carried it only twice because the leather is just that soft that I'm concerned about nicks and scratches. It's not a bag that I would carry on a daily basis..but I'm just speaking for myself. Growing up with six brothers and having six boys...well, I'm sort of a rough and tumble gal!! LOL!!
  7. I'm so jealous!!! Congrats and do show us pix when they arrive!