Be & D Bond -- yay or nay?


WSMD (what should mockinglee do)?

  1. Yay - It's hot and it'll be a good workout for the arms

  2. Nay - Not worth the back pain

  3. Maybe - Try it out...try not to get hair stuck in it

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  1. After months of stalking it on NM online, I finally was able to snag this Be&D Bond bag at an unbelievable price ($318...from $1300!). There was some trepidation, because it kept disappearing from the website and then reappearing, so I feared it had been bought and returned multiple times. Thankfully, it came in perfect marks, soft leather, no signs of being used, no scratches on the hardware...BUT, if it is a return, I think I know why. This thing is a f'ing BRICK! It weighs as much empty as my RM Matinee full. I've picked up the studded Garbo bags and they were really light, so I was hoping this wouldn't be too bad. I know the Bond has larger studs and metal rings, but WOW, they must all be solid metal! Now, I'm no scrawny weakling, and weighty bags have never bothered me before, but I dunno if this one is gonna be too much. And I can't know until I've used it!

    What do you all think? Keeper or send it back? I love the look so much (and it was such a steal!) but I don't want to feel like I'm smuggling bowling balls. Should I just carry it around the house for a bit to see how it is?

  2. What a great deal!!! I love Be&D bag! But your photo wasn't loading. Could you load it again? I'd love to see it!
  3. Doh! More pics here. Hopefully these will show.
    BeD_Bond_003.jpg BeD_Bond_005.jpg BeD_Bond_001.jpg
  4. Marvelous!!!! Heavy metal style. :smile: Is it heavy?
  5. ^It weighs a TON! That's why I'm debating if I should keep it or not. I don't know if the weight would bother me.
  6. If it is heavy, I'd return it. I guess that's reason it got into this deep discount. I cannot handle heavy bags. It hurts my shoulder and back badly. I used to own a Chloe Paddy but sold it immediately. That bag was 4 lbs, and I could only carry it one minute then started feeling hurt. This bag looks like its shoulder straps are quite short. Can you carry it while wearing a heavy coat?

    I know it is such a good deal, and Be&D quality is so great. But if you cannot carry it, why not save the money for something else?
  7. Ah Mockinglee.....
    I've been waiting for this post - an update on your Bond.
    I'm a TOTAL fan of this bag....luv the style, quality, etc.
    But ugh, am feeling your pain about the weight.
    IF, deep down inside you'll always have doubts about carrying the bag cuz of its weight - than you won't use the bag as much and will just sit there.
    IF you have certain occassions when you know you will want to use it and with the price point of the bag.....and you won't feel guilty about using is occassionally, then by all means keep it. (It's like having a white bag....).
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.
    It's a killer (literally)!!!:yahoo::yes:

    PS - load her up....carry her around the house....pretend like you are out and about doing stuff (like grocery shopping) and see how you feel about her when she's "in action"......
  8. First: This bag is awesome....I'm completely green with envy over it!! No's awesomey awesomeness.

    Next: T'hell w/ the arm work out...yer gonna look like you can kick a$$ carrying this awesome bag no matter what.

    Last: And most important......this bag says

    ROCK ON! [​IMG]
  9. Oh, knowing me, if I keep it I'd FORCE myself to use it even if it made me walk with a permanent slump. The question isn't whether I'd use it, it's whether I'd kill myself using it!

    And Voodoo, :rochard: for sure!
  10. The bag fits you. Makes me want to be young again. I am horrible and would suffer.

    It looks like a fabulous bag. sorry no help, but I vote to keep it.
  11. At such a deal, keep it and just use it on days when you won't be walking around too much. You know, when it goes from car seat, to a chair at work or restaurant, back to car seat, etc, rather than days when you are walking alot.
  12. Oooh, excellent suggestion alana! It's only a 10 ft. walk from my car to my office and I can leave it on my guest chair and stare at it all day as I work (and by "work" I meant post on TPF instead of working).

    Thanks for all the advice! I think I'll hold onto it for a while (literally!) and see how the weight affects me. I have 30 days to decide!
  13. Sorry mockinglee, it's not really my style....but it's definitely a looker! With ATTITUDE!!
  14. if u love it a lot and can use, it's def a keeper
  15. You know you love it, keep it!